Welcome to the

2021 Tuesday Women's League


May 4 - August 31



Rotate Through 3 Golf Courses
Vintage, Heritage, Legend

(rotation may be altered due to off weeks or course maintenance)


Tee Times
7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.


League Dues
$20 Registration Fee


League Fees
$21 Weekly

(9-Holes & Prize Fund)


GPS Entertainment Golf Car Rental
$8 per person per week

(All golf cars are equipped with accurate GPS yardage monitors,
streaming music, live sports feeds and news wires!)


Swing King
$5 Entry Fee
Win $10,000 for a Hole in One on Heritage #7!
(Yankee Trace is the only golf course in Ohio with Swing King!)


Pace of Play
(Maximum: 2:15 per 9-Holes)


“Inclement Weather Policy”
Atmospheric conditions are impossible to predict accurately!
If rain is imminent, the golf shop staff may delay starting times.
League play will be postponed or cancelled during severe weather.

Yankee Trace does NOT have an Advanced Alert System.
Golfers continue play at their own risk.

Rain Shelters (#H2 green, #V6 green, #L8 green, North driving range)


Play great and have FUN!