A player may provide his or her own caddie. A player is not required to employ a caddie for any phase of a Championship or a


Qualifying Round.  Caddies must adhere to the Footwear Policy.


A player must not have another player in the competition, who has played or will play in the same round, as his or her caddie during a round.


When carts are permitted for a Championship or Qualifying Round, a caddie driving a player’s cart must also perform expected duties of a caddie throughout the round.





This policy applies to players and their caddies.


It is a term of the competition that during a round, including at all qualifying rounds, practice rounds and championships, a player must not wear shoes with traditional spikes – that is, spikes having single or multiple points designed to penetrate deeply into the surface of the ground (regardless of whether made of metal, ceramic, plastic or other materials); or spikes of any design that are entirely or partially made of metal, if such metal may come in contact with the course.


Soft-spikes or flat soled shoes are permitted. Bare feet are prohibited.


Penalty for breach of this policy - see Rule 4.3