Player Roster

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Last Name First Name Golfer Division Handle H.I.
Adams Jeff Championship Amateurs Adams, Jeff 0.8
Adams Kevin Pro Am Only Players Adams, Kevin 8.6
Albin Ben Professional Albin, Ben
Alcala Gabriel Professional Alcala, Gabriel
Allen Randy Flighted Amateurs Allen, Randy 16.0
Altman Brandon - Altman, Brandon 2.8
Andrews James Professional Andrews, James
Arkin Greg Professional Arkin, Greg
Atwood Dustin - Atwood, Dustin 1.0
Ausman Jeff - Ausman, Jeff 21.8
Baine Brad Flighted Amateurs Baine, Brad 6.7
Barr Tanner Professional Barr, Tanner
Barron Branden Professional Barron, Branden
Bates Scott Championship Amateurs Bates, Scott 0.1
Beaver Terry Flighted Amateurs Beaver, Terry 4.6
Beblavi Paul Professional Beblavi, Paul
Begeman Darryl - Begeman, Darryl 5.5
Bench Riley Flighted Amateurs Bench, Riley 4.9
Besler Bradley Professional Besler, Bradley
Bigelow James - Bigelow, James 11.6
Bindert Bobby - Bindert, Bobby 4.8
Blackham Bob - Blackham, Bob 12.2
Blackwell Larry - Blackwell, Larry 14.1
Blair James Professional, Senior Professional (Age 50+) Blair, James
Board Dillon Professional Board, Dillon
Booth Brandon Championship Amateurs Booth, Brandon 3.3
Boynton Conner Championship Amateurs Boynton, Conner 2.4
Bray Jared Professional Bray, Jared +4.0
Breidel Kelby Professional Breidel, Kelby
Brockhoft Levi Professional Brockhoft , Levi +2.7
Brown Zahkai Professional Brown, Zahkai
Buccos John Championship Amateurs Buccos, John 0.7
Burnham Kenny Championship Amateurs Burnham, Kenny 2.1
Bursick Franklin Professional Bursick, Franklin 0.0
Calderon Isaac Championship Amateurs Calderon, Isaac +3.1
Campbell Randy Flighted Amateurs Campbell, Randy 16.3
Carlile Lamar Professional Carlile, Lamar
Carlock Justin Professional Carlock, Justin
Carlon Sean Professional Carlon, Sean
Castillo Javier Professional Castillo, Javier
Castor Robert - Castor, Robert 18.1
Cates Ethan Championship Amateurs Cates, Ethan +0.7
Chambers Jack Flighted Amateurs Chambers, Jack 7.5
Chance Ken - Chance, Ken 15.8
Christensen Hayden Professional Christensen, Hayden
Ciasca Cristiana Championship Amateurs Ciasca, Cristiana +1.1
Cobb Brendan Championship Amateurs Cobb, Brendan 0.0
Coe-Kirkham Kirby Championship Amateurs Coe-Kirkham, Kirby +4.6
Cohrs Kevin Pro Am Only Players, Professional Cohrs, Kevin
Coleman Nash - Coleman, Nash 9.5
Collura David Professional Collura, David
Connell Andy Professional Connell, Andy
Conser Barry Senior Professional (Age 50+) Conser, Barry
Cordova Luis - Cordova, Luis 19.0
Costello Jordan Professional Costello, Jordan
Cunningham Caden Flighted Amateurs Cunningham, Caden 1.7
Cutlip Joel Professional Cutlip, Joel 0.0
Daly Mark - Daly, Mark 19.3
Daly Tim - Daly, Tim 21.2
Danni Blake Championship Amateurs Danni, Blake +2.1
Davis Ben Professional Davis, Ben
Davis Marcus - Davis, Marcus 5.0
Dean John Pro Am Only Players Dean, John 14.8
DeBry Alex Professional DeBry, Alex
DeBusk Tommy Flighted Amateurs DeBusk, Tommy 12.3
Docherty Alistair Professional Docherty, Alistair
Duran Edward - Duran, Edward 15.6
Duran Eli - Duran, Eli 17.5
Eck Barry Pro Am Only Players Eck, Barry 10.5
Eck James Flighted Amateurs Eck, James 12.1
Eck Jordan Professional Eck, Jordan
Edeen Jared Championship Amateurs Edeen, Jared +4.3
Edwards Darren Championship Amateurs Edwards, Darren +1.8
Eli Kevin Professional Eli, Kevin
Escobar Fernando Pro Am Only Players Escobar, Fernando 13.2
Ezell Jake Professional Ezell, Jake +4.6
Fanning Andrew Flighted Amateurs Fanning, Andrew 6.1
Fanslow Keynan Professional Fanslow, Keynan
Favinger Shane Professional Favinger, Shane
Felitto John Professional Felitto, John
Fernandez Pat - Fernandez, Pat 7.3
Ferrel Gilbert Pro Am Only Players Ferrel, Gilbert 10.5
Flack Ryan Pro Am Only Players Flack, Ryan 6.3
Forselius Robert Pro Am Only Players Forselius, Robert 18.5
Fox Lance Flighted Amateurs Fox, Lance 5.5
Fox Logan Flighted Amateurs Fox, Logan +0.2
Franklin Walker Championship Amateurs Franklin, Walker +3.9
Frenzel Jacob Flighted Amateurs Frenzel, Jacob 9.9
Fribbs Derek Professional Fribbs, Derek
Frye William - Frye, William 24.3
Fulmer Michael Professional Fulmer, Michael
Fultz Bryan Professional Fultz, Bryan
Gadient Steven Championship Amateurs Gadient, Steven 0.1
Georges Ed - Georges, Ed 11.3
Georges Kevin - Georges, Kevin 7.2
Giacomazzi Dino - Giacomazzi, Dino
Gill Mike Pro Am Only Players Gill, Mike 12.0
Greaves Howard Flighted Amateurs Greaves, Howard 11.7
Grimes Brandon Professional Grimes, Brandon
Grimes Robert Flighted Amateurs Grimes, Robert 13.4
Grob Mike Senior Professional (Age 50+) Grob, Mike
Grove Russell Professional Grove, Russell
Grzegorczyk Bryan - Grzegorczyk, Bryan 18.1
Haag Eric - Haag, Eric 9.6
Hack Jhared Professional Hack, Jhared
Hakala Dave - Hakala, Dave 13.9
Hale Mason Championship Amateurs Hale, Mason +1.6
Hammond Todd Pro Am Only Players Hammond, Todd 6.8
Hammond Troy Pro Am Only Players Hammond, Troy 20.7
Hanks Victor Professional Hanks, Victor
Hansen Joel - Hansen, Joel 8.4
Harrison Paul - Harrison, Paul 13.5
Hartigan Paul - Hartigan, Paul 4.1
Hartle Steve Flighted Amateurs Hartle, Steve 8.1
Hawk Brian Senior Professional (Age 50+) Hawk, Brian
Haynes Scott - Haynes, Scott 10.7
Hays Michael - Hays, Michael 19.9
Hensley Logan Championship Amateurs Hensley, Logan +2.2
Hewett Jonathan Professional Hewett, Jonathan
Hoenig Brian Flighted Amateurs Hoenig, Brian 10.0
Hogan Bryan Flighted Amateurs Hogan, Bryan 0.6
Hooper Zack Professional Hooper, Zack
Hopkins Collin Senior Professional (Age 50+) Hopkins, Collin
Horton James Professional Horton, James
Howard Cole Professional Howard, Cole
Howard Rob Championship Amateurs Howard, Rob 0.7
Howell Justin - Howell, Justin
Hoy Jeffrey Flighted Amateurs Hoy, Jeffrey 1.6
Hoy Jr Jeffrey Flighted Amateurs Hoy Jr, Jeffrey 1.4
Hunter Joe Pro Am Only Players Hunter, Joe 6.2
Irby Dustin Professional Irby, Dustin
Irvine Lonnie - Irvine, Lonnie 21.1
Isaacson Ryan Professional Isaacson, Ryan
Jackson Caden Flighted Amateurs Jackson, Caden 0.6
Janssen Darren Flighted Amateurs Janssen, Darren 8.8
Jarrett Jason Flighted Amateurs Jarrett, Jason 11.0
Javernick Grant Flighted Amateurs Javernick, Grant 3.3
Johnson Greg Championship Amateurs Johnson, Greg +1.1
Johnson Rick Flighted Amateurs Johnson, Rick 2.6
Johnson Thomas - Johnson, Thomas 10.7
Jourgensen Greg - Jourgensen, Greg 17.3
Kaehn Anthony Professional Kaehn, Anthony
Kalkofen Ron - Kalkofen, Ron 19.9
Kantor Matt Pro Am Only Players, Professional Kantor, Matt 2.0
Kellam Mike - Kellam, Mike 6.4
Keller Trent - Keller, Trent 16.3
Keppel Lowell Flighted Amateurs Keppel, Lowell 8.3
Kewalramani Brandon Professional Kewalramani, Brandon
Keyghobad Dan Professional Keyghobad, Dan
Kida Brandon Professional Kida, Brandon
Koerwitz Jordan Flighted Amateurs Koerwitz, Jordan 9.3
Kudrna Kellen Championship Amateurs Kudrna, Kellen +0.9
Kuzava Jonathan Professional Kuzava, Jonathan
Lane Chuck - Lane, Chuck 12.5
Larchick Lenny Flighted Amateurs Larchick, Lenny 10.4
Larson Matt - Larson, Matt 19.5
Lauer Austin Professional Lauer, Austin
LeMaster Aaron Flighted Amateurs LeMaster, Aaron 8.3
Lepore Mike Pro Am Only Players Lepore, Mike 7.9
Levering Jake Pro Am Only Players Levering, Jake 16.0
Linder Jeff - Linder, Jeff 11.6
Linton Kyle - Linton, Kyle 10.1
Lissman Paul - Lissman, Paul 7.0
Lopez Jim Flighted Amateurs Lopez, Jim 8.9
Lufkin John Flighted Amateurs Lufkin, John 31.0
Lufkin Nate Flighted Amateurs Lufkin, Nate 20.0
Lyle Adam Flighted Amateurs Lyle, Adam 3.5
Makloski Jimmy Professional Makloski, Jimmy
Marghiem Greg - Marghiem, Greg 15.9
May Jamie Championship Amateurs May, Jamie 1.2
McAllister Christopher Flighted Amateurs McAllister, Christopher 15.1
McCarty Matt Professional McCarty, Matt
McClaren Jackson Championship Amateurs McClaren, Jackson +1.9
McDaniel Chaz - McDaniel, Chaz 19.9
Mead Matt Pro Am Only Players Mead, Matt 22.5
Meisel Tory - Meisel, Tory 14.1
Melendez Aaron - Melendez, Aaron 13.9
Michelson Landon Professional Michelson, Landon
Miller Alexander Flighted Amateurs Miller, Alexander 7.1
Mincer Richard - Mincer, Richard 9.3
Miracle Mark - Miracle, Mark 16.7
Miskimins Troy Flighted Amateurs Miskimins, Troy 10.8
Moody Tim Professional Moody, Tim
Moore Andy Professional Moore, Andy
Morgan Scott Flighted Amateurs Morgan, Scott 4.1
Moss Zachary Flighted Amateurs Moss, Zachary 9.9
Mossey Rob Pro Am Only Players Mossey, Rob 9.0
Moxley Robert Flighted Amateurs Moxley, Robert 9.1
Murdock IV John Professional Murdock IV, John
Muscarello Christian Professional Muscarello, Christian
Najera Everett Professional Najera, Everett
Nelson Kyle Professional Nelson, Kyle
Nelson Paul - Nelson, Paul 8.9
Nichols Jeff Professional Nichols, Jeff
Nolan John - Nolan, John 8.5
Norwood Peter Professional Norwood, Peter
Nye Lance - Nye, Lance 17.0
Occhipinti Jim - Occhipinti, Jim 10.6
Oleary Jason Flighted Amateurs Oleary, Jason 11.9
Olsen Tim Flighted Amateurs Olsen, Tim 21.1
Olsson Henrik Professional Olsson, Henrik
Opperman Ashton Professional Opperman, Ashton
Orr Matthew Professional Orr, Matthew 0.2
Ortiz Anthony Flighted Amateurs Ortiz, Anthony 16.9
Oswald Todd - Oswald, Todd 6.2
Overberg Cody Flighted Amateurs Overberg, Cody 7.9
Pagan Richard Flighted Amateurs Pagan, Richard 7.2
Parker Bill Professional Parker, Bill
Perez Joel Championship Amateurs Perez, Joel +1.2
Petersen Scott Senior Professional (Age 50+) Petersen, Scott
Piccirillo Dominic Professional Piccirillo, Dominic
Pixley Ivan Flighted Amateurs Pixley, Ivan 15.3
Posthumus Travis - Posthumus, Travis 16.8
Poteet Milton - Poteet, Milton 10.8
Powers Mick - Powers, Mick 8.3
Prew Ryan Championship Amateurs Prew, Ryan 0.8
Rathbun Andrew Championship Amateurs Rathbun, Andrew 0.8
Redman Rob - Redman, Rob 19.5
Redman Steven - Redman, Steven 16.3
Reedy Phillip Professional Reedy, Phillip
Rein Jeff Professional Rein, Jeff
Rhodes Chris - Rhodes, Chris 14.9
Rice Donald Flighted Amateurs Rice, Donald 12.9
Ro Yun Championship Amateurs Ro, Yun 6.9
Rodekohr Carl - Rodekohr, Carl 10.1
Rohrbaugh Doug Professional, Senior Professional (Age 50+) Rohrbaugh, Doug
Rohrbaugh Tristan Professional Rohrbaugh, Tristan
Romano Andrew Professional Romano, Andrew
Sandman Larry - Sandman, Larry 8.2
Sasser Quentin Professional, Senior Professional (Age 50+) Sasser, Quentin
Schimek Eric Pro Am Only Players Schimek, Eric 13.8
Sedelbauer David Pro Am Only Players Sedelbauer, David 10.8
Selchow Paul Senior Professional (Age 50+) Selchow, Paul
Shank Christopher Professional Shank, Christopher
Shehee TJ Championship Amateurs Shehee, TJ +2.6
Sheldon Eric Flighted Amateurs Sheldon, Eric 1.3
Skala Mylon - Skala, Mylon 13.0
Smith Ingo Flighted Amateurs Smith, Ingo 5.9
Smith-Stetson Chandler Professional Smith-Stetson, Chandler
Soldwisch Dillon Professional Soldwisch, Dillon
Solomon Jacob Professional Solomon, Jacob
Sommers Scott Senior Professional (Age 50+) Sommers, Scott
Sorick Harvey - Sorick, Harvey 27.6
Sperry Ryan Professional Sperry, Ryan
Spilman Andrew Professional Spilman, Andrew
Stillman Austin Professional Stillman, Austin +2.7
Stolpe Patrick Professional Stolpe, Patrick
Strickler Todd Flighted Amateurs Strickler, Todd 12.2
Strohman Alexandra - Strohman, Alexandra 17.5
Strohman Jake - Strohman, Jake 14.8
Strohman Shawn - Strohman, Shawn +0.6
Stults Doug - Stults, Doug 12.1
Stumpff Jeremiah Flighted Amateurs Stumpff, Jeremiah 6.6
Summerhays Joe Professional Summerhays, Joe
Sundahl Charlie Professional Sundahl, Charlie
Sundahl John - Sundahl, John 15.5
Sutherland Taj Championship Amateurs Sutherland, Taj +1.6
Swain Stan - Swain, Stan 8.9
Swenson Daniel Flighted Amateurs Swenson, Daniel 8.4
Tanner Jim Pro Am Only Players Tanner, Jim 24.4
Taylor Julian Professional Taylor, Julian
Terfehr Randy - Terfehr, Randy 13.5
Thatch Clayton Championship Amateurs Thatch, Clayton +0.6
Thomas Van Professional Thomas, Van
Thompson Truitt Flighted Amateurs Thompson, Truitt 16.4
Torres Robin Pro Am Only Players Torres, Robin 11.7
Trivitt Bobby Flighted Amateurs Trivitt, Bobby 14.5
Trujillo Drew Professional Trujillo, Drew
Tyler Charles Pro Am Only Players Tyler, Charles 14.7
Tyrrell Brian - Tyrrell, Brian 5.4
Valencia Derek Flighted Amateurs Valencia, Derek 7.0
Vasquez Austin Championship Amateurs Vasquez, Austin 0.4
Wallace Austin Professional Wallace, Austin
Wallen Ryan Professional Wallen, Ryan
Wang Li Professional Wang, Li
Waugh Clancy Professional Waugh, Clancy
Webber Kane Professional Webber, Kane
Welch Coby Professional Welch, Coby
Wells Keith Flighted Amateurs Wells, Keith 6.6
Welniak Randy - Welniak, Randy 14.3
Welsh Kevin Flighted Amateurs Welsh, Kevin 11.1
Wiant Cody - Wiant, Cody 28.1
Widdess Christina Flighted Amateurs Widdess, Christina 47.0
Widdess Stewart Flighted Amateurs Widdess, Stewart 13.5
Wilkinson Andrew Professional Wilkinson, Andrew
Williams Mark Championship Amateurs Williams, Mark +1.7
Wilmes Kent Flighted Amateurs Wilmes, Kent +0.1
Wilson Rick - Wilson, Rick 19.2
Wilson Scott Flighted Amateurs Wilson, Scott 5.9
Windows Ross Flighted Amateurs Windows, Ross 8.1
Wong Michael Professional Wong, Michael
Woolington Roger Flighted Amateurs Woolington, Roger 8.0
Wosachlo Paul Senior Professional (Age 50+) Wosachlo, Paul
Wuerz Jason Flighted Amateurs Wuerz, Jason 3.0
Zawaski Joe Professional Zawaski, Joe
Zitek Tristen Flighted Amateurs Zitek, Tristen 3.4
Zwemke Paula Flighted Amateurs Zwemke, Paula 7.7
Zwemke Zane Senior Professional (Age 50+) Zwemke, Zane