Match Play Rules 


It is your responsibility to arrange your own match. 

If you sign into your account on the website, there will then be a Member Lookup available to obtain the contact information of your opponent.

For all flights players will play straight up no handicaps except the LAST flight where you will wheel off the lowest handicap.

It is important that matches be played by the deadlines in order to keep everything on schedule. There may be some wiggle room here and there but when you know who your opponent is, the sooner you can get your match in - the better.
NOTE: Sometimes schedules conflict and arrangements cannot be made. If that happens, we may be able to come up with a creative way to get the match in. Please contact me if you are having scheduling issues.
If there is just no way for both players to make it work out, both players may be disqualified.

Even though we prefer you to play your match at Meadow Hills, you may play your match anywhere you like provided it is agreeable by both players.

The Championship flight will play from the orange tees and the last flight will play from the Blue/white combo tees, all others will play from the blue tees. The last flight will be the only flight that will be played with handicaps. All other flights will play straight up.

As mentioned above, for the LAST flight each player will play with his current course handicap at the time of the match wheeling off the lower handicap player. The difference will determine the number of strokes the higher handicap player will receive.
Those strokes are to be given on the hardest (lowest handicap) holes.
For example:  If I am a course handicap 6 and my opponent is a 1,  I would receive 5 strokes on the 5 hardest holes.  At Meadow, that is holes #1, 8, 9, 14 and 18.
It is each players responsibility to declare his proper lowest course handicap on the first tee at the beginning of the Match.

It is also advisable that you determine a tie break scenario before you tee off in case the match is halved - sudden death, card playoff, another match if time allows before the deadline.  Tie Breaks in case of a tie are up to you and your opponent.

Please report the results of your match to me after compleation.

Thanks guys for your participation - Best of luck to all.

John Hamilton

303 859 6886