The practice facilities will be open at 6:45 AM to participants and range balls will be provided compliments of the tournament, up until the last scheduled tee time. The driving range is approximately a 10 minute cart ride from the Clubhouse. If you would like to warm-up in the morning, please see the Guest Service staff for transportation to the range. Players in the Pre-Qualifier who will be using the driving range are expected to be on their respective tee box at their designated tee time.



For the safety of all players, our staff and host facility, please make sure you read the following guidelines carefully.


  • Players may arrive on property no earlier than 45-minutes prior to their designated starting time.
  • Spectators will be prohibited from following on the course. Only designated caddies may accompany the group.
  • All players must complete the Aloha Section PGA COVID-19 Participation. (LINK) In the event a player develops COVID like symptoms they will not be eligible to compete and should reframe from showing up at the course. Instead, please email ( or call (808) 381-3762 and leave a voice message or text.
  • The staff of the Aloha Section PGA and Hoakalei Country Club reserve the right to temperature check all players and guests on property.  Should an individual’s temperature register 100.4 or higher we reserve the right to refuse participation in this event.



  • All players must bring their own Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, masks, hand sanitizers etc.) while on property. PPE will be required anytime two or more players are within 6-feet of each other and in all high traffic areas around the clubhouse.
  • Rakes will be placed in all bunkers for players to smooth the surface after a shot is taken. The local bunker rule will not be in effect.
  • Players may choose to remove the flagstick from the hole when making a stroke. It is recommended the person removing the flagstick should be the same individual replacing it when play is completed.



The new Golf Genius Electronic Scorecard will be the official card for the competition. Please download the Golf Genius app from the iTunes or Google Play store prior to Monday. Each player will be given a specific GGID (as noted on the attached pairing) and you have been preassigned to keep score for a player in your group. At the end of the round you must come to the scoring area in the clubhouse to verify scores at the scoring table. Once approved (electronically) the scores will be posted as official scores for the competition. Please make sure your phone is fully charged prior to teeing off. This use of the electronic scorecard is mandatory for this event.




The restaurant at Hoakalei Country Club will not be open in the morning for breakfast service. Players are encouraged to plan accordingly before arriving at the course. Lunch service will be available after 11:00 AM.



For the qualifier we will be using a modified course configuration. The attached pairing sheet shows groups starting from the 1st Tee and 9th Tee. That is not a mistake. The 1st tee is located directly in front of the clubhouse. The 9th tee is a 10-minute drive from the clubhouse and 15 minutes from the driving range. Please allow yourself enough time to make it to the 9th tee. 



Players have the option to ride a cart during the Pre-Qualifier round. There is an additional $50.00 cart fee, which must be paid at the Golf Shop prior to teeing off. The Tournament Committee will provide a maximum of two (2) carts per tee time. There will be no extra carts available for single players or players with caddies. If all four (4) players in the group decide to ride they must share the two carts provided for their designated tee time.


distance measuring devices

Devices which measure distance only, are permitted in both the Pre-Qualifier and Event Qualifier.



Players:  While on the host facility property on the day(s) of competition, players shall present a neat appearance in both clothing and personal grooming.  Blue jeans, cutoffs, T-shirts or shirts with no collar shall not be worn. Players are permitted to wear golf shorts which are knee length, tailored and neat in appearance. Compression leggings worn underneath shorts must be solid in color.


Caddies:  While on the host facility property on the day(s) of competition, caddies may wear either long pants or tailored solid colored knee length shorts or skorts.  Blue jeans, cutoffs, T-shirts or shirts with no collar shall not be worn.  Smooth rubber sole shoes are required. Sandals, open toe shoes, and golf shoes with traditional metal or soft spikes are prohibited.


Players and Caddies shall conform to the host facility’s appearance policies while onsite during any practice round.



While on host facility property during qualifying rounds, players and caddies shall conduct themselves in a professional manner.  PGA TOUR reserves the right to remove a player from the qualifying competition for: non-competitiveness, conduct unbecoming of a professional by the player, conduct unbecoming of a professional by the players’ caddie.


Following Sunday’s round, the top 40 scores plus ties will advance to the Monday qualifier. Tee times for Monday will be emailed approximately one (1) hour after the completion of the last group and all scores have been verified. We will be starting on the 1st and 9th tee at approximately 7:30AM.