Player Roster

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Last Name First Name Handle H.I.
Aaron Dean Aaron, Dean 29.8
Adcox Kevin Adcox, Kevin 20.3
Albrecht Jeff Albrecht, Jeff 18.0
Allie Greg Allie, Greg 20.6
Alness Mike Alness, Mike 20.8
Anderson George Anderson, George 33.2
Anderson Scott Anderson, Scott 7.8
Bartholomew Paul Bartholomew, Paul 19.6
Bergstrom Brett Bergstrom, Brett 11.7
Black Kevin Black, Kevin 11.6
Boggs Maria Boggs, Maria 39.1
Botulinski Steve Botulinski, Steve 14.7
Bower Larry Bower, Larry 10.2
Brickman Brady Brickman, Brady 16.0
Brickman Deanne Brickman, Deanne 22.9
But Sokvorn But, Sokvorn 20.4
Campbell Jay Campbell, Jay 0.1
Clark Greg Clark, Greg 10.8
Connor Brad Connor, Brad 16.5
Cox Ron Cox, Ron 6.3
Crouthamel Scotty Crouthamel, Scotty 1.3
Deltoro Ricardo Deltoro, Ricardo 11.9
Denny Dale Denny, Dale 11.8
Dinius Dave Dinius, Dave 16.0
Doran Dennis Doran, Dennis 9.4
Doty David Doty, David 5.8
Fernandes Rio Fernandes, Rio 37.4
Fleisher Tom Fleisher, Tom 28.6
Gage Rob Gage, Rob 13.8
Garrison Shaun Garrison, Shaun 13.2
Garrison Valerie Garrison, Valerie 24.5
Geiger Austin Geiger, Austin 0.4
Ghambari Bijan Ghambari, Bijan 13.3
Gibson Curtis Gibson, Curtis 7.5
Groshell Jeff Groshell, Jeff 4.1
Groshell Trevor Groshell, Trevor 9.8
Guenette Gilles Guenette, Gilles 13.3
Hamill Chris Hamill, Chris 16.3
Hanson William Hanson, William 9.9
Harrison Ross Harrison, Ross 19.1
Hartley Mike Hartley, Mike 8.5
Hawkins Jerome Hawkins, Jerome 9.7
Hayenga Jon Hayenga, Jon 12.7
Hayes Shaun Hayes, Shaun 10.4
Hovey Mike Hovey, Mike 14.0
Hyder Ali Hyder, Ali 22.0
Iacolucci Keith Iacolucci, Keith 8.9
Janosky Jeff Janosky, Jeff 17.7
Jarett Jason Jarett, Jason 13.2
Johnson Brock Johnson, Brock 0.0
Kachkowski Barry Kachkowski, Barry 4.7
Kauzlarich Steve Kauzlarich, Steve 23.4
Kelley Brendan Kelley, Brendan 12.3
Kennedy Tim Kennedy, Tim 2.5
Klewin Karl Klewin, Karl 17.8
Kliemann Justin Kliemann, Justin 20.1
Larson Byron Larson, Byron 6.3
Lazo David Lazo, David 20.0
Lessard Bill Lessard, Bill 17.5
Loranger Jared Loranger, Jared 11.5
Losey Lance Losey, Lance 13.0
Losey Landon Losey, Landon 18.5
Loya Rick Loya, Rick 16.8
Lucero Daniel Lucero, Daniel 16.0
Lybeck Scott Lybeck, Scott 11.9
Mangold Jason Mangold, Jason 18.5
McComb Brandon McComb, Brandon 15.2
McConkey Ken McConkey, Ken 5.8
McFarlane Stu McFarlane, Stu 6.6
McManus Rick McManus, Rick 24.2
Medley Marc Medley, Marc +0.1
Mekthanavanh Bounyou Mekthanavanh, Bounyou 7.3
Mitchell Brian Mitchell, Brian 22.7
Neeves Dave Neeves, Dave 15.3
Odegard Bob Odegard, Bob 20.6
Odegard Bobby Odegard, Bobby 12.4
Odegard Jeff Odegard, Jeff 10.2
Odegard Jennifer Odegard, Jennifer 33.3
Ovena Victor Ovena, Victor 12.2
Patton Aki Patton, Aki 15.8
Patton Lorenzo Patton, Lorenzo 16.0
Proudfoot Brandon Proudfoot, Brandon 3.6
Reid Tom Reid, Tom 20.5
Roberts Brett Roberts, Brett 11.9
Salgado Mike Salgado, Mike 14.3
Sansom Mike Sansom, Mike 26.0
Schmidt Matthew Schmidt, Matthew 7.7
Shockley Brandon Shockley, Brandon 20.2
Shumer Craig Shumer, Craig 11.4
Sjolander Connor Sjolander, Connor 7.8
Sjolander Parker Sjolander, Parker 13.5
Smith Garrett Smith, Garrett 12.1
Stallard Michael Stallard, Michael 20.8
Sullivan Bryan Sullivan, Bryan 19.2
Sypher Scott Sypher, Scott 10.3
Talbot Larry Talbot, Larry 12.6
Tarp John Tarp, John 10.8
Terry Jim Terry, Jim 20.4
Thornton Shawn Thornton, Shawn 0.1
Tomlinson Ron Tomlinson, Ron 9.4
Tompkins Gene Tompkins, Gene 9.1
Vorhof Zachary Vorhof, Zachary 6.9
Walsh Sean Walsh, Sean 10.8
Wegener Mike Wegener, Mike 11.3
Wegener Zach Wegener, Zach 3.8
Weiding Jim Weiding, Jim 18.7
Weinstein Nick Weinstein, Nick 7.6
Wiley Jordan Wiley, Jordan 7.5
Wolsky Joel Wolsky, Joel 19.8
Zamani Christopher Zamani, Christopher 5.5
Zorich Joe Zorich, Joe 5.6
Zupan Michael Zupan, Michael 7.2