Hello Ladies,


Below are key things to remember in regards to booking your tee-time.


1. If you are playing 9 holes you can play either front 9 or back 9 although one side has fewer tee-times to account for the 18 hole golfers playing between 2 and 3:20. 


2. To book a time, go to, "Tee-Times" and click on, "Book or Change Your Tee-Time". From there select your time on the left side (note front 9 or back 9).  


3. One person can add up to 7 players as well as yourself (8 players total). To do this go to "Book Your Tee-Time" and click the "register another player" then click on where you want to add them to. Please ensure you or your group members cancel if they can't make it. You can cancel up until 12pm the day off play. 


4. If you have a guest, they won't be able to be added to the tee-sheet until they have registered for the league. Give them the website and they can click on register and pay their $20 fee. Once that has been done it is sent to us for approval. Once we approve, you will be able to add them to the tee-time following the same steps as above. 


*For those playing 9 holes, you can book any tee-times between 3:30pm and 6:00pm. For those playing 18 holes, you must book between 2pm and 3:20pm. If you see a time open at 3:40 and would like to play 18 holes you must call the golf shop as we can't guarantee it would work due to cross over issues. If you book in those time slots and don't check with the shop, we cannot guarantee you your back 9.


If you ever need help with anything, the help tab on the right hand side of this screen will allow you to send me an email to which i'll get back to you as soon as possible