2021 Chicago Points Classic!


Shoreline Golf Links

Saturday, December 4, 2021

8:00 a.m. First Tee Time


Tournament GGID = SVG2021



Tournament Limited to 64 Players 



Tournament Format: Individual Chicago Points by Flight

NOTE: This tournament will be open to guests.


This is an individual stroke play event by flight. Each player will play his own ball and will receive 95% of his Course Handicap. All competitors will play from the white tees. Handicaps will be based on the December 1st index report. 

In Chicago, players start with a negative amount of points, based on handicaps, then add positive points during the round. The idea is to get from the negative to the positive, clearing your “hurdle” (better than 0) by as much as possible.

Negative points begin at -39 for scratch golfers. A 1-handicapper starts with -38, a 2-handicapper with -37, and so on up to a 36-handicapper who starts with -3 points.

During the round, positive points are added on this basis (Gross Scores):

• Bogeys are worth l point
• Pars are worth 2 points
• Birdies are worth 4 points
• Eagles are worth 8 points

• Double Eagles and Hole-in-Ones are worth 10 points


Not everyone will be able to clear their hurdle, so the highest point total – whether that is 15 or minus-15 – wins.

Ties will be decided by matching scorecards (with handicaps) using the USGA "Back Nine" tie breaking system. If players are still tied, the winner will be decided by a coin toss. 

Member and Guest fees are $85; includes green fees, and prize fund. Closest to the Pin on all par-3 holes will be awarded. Optional scratch and handicap Skins game will be available in the A/B format at $20 each.



See Tournament Day Rules Sheet for clarification on Bunker play.


All awards will be distributed at the following event or electronically where possible.