Raccoon Creek Men’s Weekday Club

Policy on Tournament Registration and Charges.




The Board of Directors has adopted a new policy regarding tournament registration.  This was brought about by confusion about charges, late changes, and a request from the Pro Shop.  Your board wants the registration and administration for the tournament to go as smoothly as possible.


When you answer the invitation from Golf Genius, you will receive a response from Golf Genius.  If you are playing there will be a place to check, “Message to the Tournament Manager”. This is the second line on your confirmation.


Once you click on “Message to the Tournament Manager”, you will be able to enter:


  1. Method of Payment (either Credit Card on file or check)
  2. Walking or riding
  3. Side game participation in Closest to the pin and/or skins
  4. Which tee box you prefer
  5. If you need an early or late tee time


If you do not fill this out the Tournament Director will default to skins, CTP, riding, tee time according to flight, and white/blue tee according to your handicap on the charge sheet.  If you do not want this default registration (i.e., you want to walk, etc.) you must fill out this box and  click “Send”.  All charges are contained in our Tournament  Rate  Sheet 2021 available on our web page.


Roster changes can be done up to Monday at 12:00 pm.  After that time, only withdrawals will be allowed.  Withdrawals can only be done by calling the Pro Shop prior to your tee time and explaining your situation.  All members who do not contact the Pro Shop will be charged, as Raccoon Creek will charge the club for that member.


If you have any questions please contact Bill McMahon, Treasurer. applemedical1@mindspring.com