Raccoon Creek Men’s Weekday Club

2023 President’s Message


Looking out the window as I write this, it is hard to imagine playing golf.  Trying to be positive, I’m thinking of how green and lush all those fairways and greens will be once they soak up all this moisture.


As a past member or as a person who inquired about joining our club in 2023, you are receiving this invitation to become a member of the club in 2023.  The new Board of Directors has started meeting and working to put together plans for the upcoming golf season.  We would like to bring you up to date on what has happened so far.


The Board of Directors is in place and the members and their contact information plus their responsibilities are included on another page of this website. Please keep this reference for when you have questions. Please feel free to contact any of us as needed.


We have included on another page the Tournament Schedule for 2023.  The dates are firm, but the formats and starting times may change as the season progresses. If the weather cooperates, we plan to hold 13 tournaments again this season. Please note that the June 29 Member/Guest tournament is on Thursday.


 Some members have expressed the opinion that we are having too many Scrambles rather than “real golf” tournaments. After consideration, the Board decided to stick with the Scrambles because of the social value of playing with different guys and making new friends in the club.  This club is a social club as well as a golf club.


Also included as a separate page is the signup form for the 2023 season. Directions for filling out the form are also attached. Please sign up as soon as possible.  Please note that you are to sign up for Match Play and the “Ringer” tournament at the same time as you register for your membership.  If you don’t recall, the Ringer tournament is a season long tabulation of your best net score for each of the 18 holes.  The total of your best scores on each hole will be your Ringer Score.  All entry money for Ringer will be paid out in cash to the four best scores.  Cost to enter Ringer is $20. Match play remains the same as it always has ($10) but you need to sign up this year using the membership form. Please note the required completion dates of the various matches.


This year your board has reached an agreement with Raccoon Creek Golf course to provide a limited number of reserved foursomes for casual play by our members on Tuesday mornings when we have no tournament scheduled. Make reservations for these slots by contacting the pro shop and tell them that you are a member of our club. Regular casual green fees/cart fees apply.


We have had to increase some prices this year.  This reflects increases for new costs fof GHIN numbers and an increase to offset the cost to Raccoon Creek for the new cart fleet expected to arrive in about April.


Looking forward to a fun and safe golf season in 2023.



Bill Bradish, President