2023 Raccoon Creek Weekday Men’s Club

Board Members Contact Information and Responsibilities

President: Bill Bradishbradish2@msn.com  303-917-5705 

Bill is responsible for the smooth operation of the club, coordination with Raccoon Creek Golf Course, setting of board meetings to include dates and initial agenda. Conducts all board and membership meetings.

Vice President:  John Recordsjohn@centraldeveopment.com 303-919-0441

John is the primary backup for Bill Bradish and assumes Bill’s responsibilities in the event that Bill cannot for any reason. John is also responsible for running Match Play and our Ringer Tournament.

Secretary:  Paul Gesso – paulgesso@gmail.com  303-870-4896

Paul is responsible for all communications with the membership other than through Golf Genius. He has the primary responsibility for our Website on Golf Genius

Treasurer:  Bill McMahon – applemedical1@mindspring.com  303-883-4116

Bill is in charge of anything having to do with money to include annual budgets and reporting our financial situation during meetings, annual memberships and membership records, assisting the tournament chair with tournament payouts such as prize money, skins and CTP. He also coordinates finances between the Club and the course especially after tournaments. Tournament Chairman:  Jon DeBoer – santajon@centurylink.net 303-907-8965

Jon is responsible for setting up all tournaments and running them from start to finish to include invitations to play through Golf Genius, taking care of any needs of the golfers (such as payment methods, walking v. riding, and side games), and making sure scores are accurate and then determining where players finish in the standings.

Rules and Handicap Chairman – Andy Mills – andywmills@comcast.net  303-515-5284

Andy makes sure all players play by the rules of golf, and he works to make sure all handicap information is accurate using the GHIN system and coordinating that with Golf Genius. He assists the Tournament Chair with the running of tournaments and takes over running of tournaments when the Tournament Chair is not available.

Director – Todd Rowan - todd_rowan@hotmail.com 720-936-7184

Todd is a new member of the Board starting in 2023.  He will be assisting in tournament set up and learning how to back up other board duties as needed.


  • The responsibilities as written are brief and meant to give you a general idea of what each Board member does. In fact there is sharing and help that goes on between all board members.