March 20, 2021


CG Men’s Club Update   


Believe it or not, but golf season is just around the corner. Don’t let the 20 piles of snow in the parking lots tell you otherwise.


This will be a reminder for past members and instructions for new members.


Most of our world runs in Golf Genius. Either use a browser on your computer –, or download the app to your device. The app has an orange background with a white globe on a golf tee.


For most everything, you can log in using the GGID for 2021 – MEKBJX. When logged in this way you will see everything for our club. You will need find your name on the list to pay an entry fee or to see your playing status in the Calendar.  Or you can use the username and password you established when you registered to skip finding your name on the list.


From our world in Golf Genius you will see calendar and schedule information, tee times, event results, statistics, match play brackets, etc. If you are wondering about something, it’s probably here.


{this section has been retracted by a subsequent notice to members}   [When an event opens up for registration Golf Genius will send you a personalized email for the event. You can click “Playing” in the email if you want to play. You will then be prompted to pay the entry fee. If you are not planning on playing in the event, you can hit the “Not Playing” button, or simply ignore it.]


To register without the email, log into Golf Genius. On a computer, go to Tournament Info > Calendar, Information and Signups. From the App, go to Member Portal > Tournament Info > Calendar, Information and Signups. From here you can see if you are Playing or Not Playing. If you want to play, you will be prompted to pay the entry fee. This screen will also tell you when event registration will open for each event.


More updates over the coming weeks.