Season long match play tournaments



We run two ongoing, season long match play events. Individual and Fourball (two man teams). Before you sign up for one or the other or both, keep in mind that these are “schedule on your own” matches outside of our regular tournament circuit. If you have trouble playing weekday golf or additional weekend golf, consider whether you should enter.


Individual info – https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/7080095926487904477


Fourball info -- https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/7080080673683304668





This event is flighted into 16 person brackets. We can take as many players as want to play, so this is our only event that doesn’t have a player cap. We will lock it in at multiples of 16, but if we get 20 flights, so be it. Each flight winner stands on their own – there is no “Tournament Champion” but it gets us out playing match play.


Keep in mind that you can’t request to play your opponent during a stroke play event. Stroke Play and Match Play are two very different things.


Thursday (tomorrow) at noon a Golf Genius invite will go out to start taking registrations for the Individual event.  We will leave it open for a few weeks and get brackets out late April / Early May. Reply to the Email or go to Tournaments > Calendar, Info and Signups starting at noon tomorrow. Registration closes Friday, April 23.


As we get near the end, I will force a waitlist to make sure we have full flights of 16. Once we get 16 on the waitlist, I will add those players to the event.





This is a 128 player / 64 team tournament. Priority goes to teams in our last tournament, then players who played in prior tournaments but now have different partners, then we look at membership longevity. New members are at the bottom of the priority, with teams of two new members least likely to get in.


Even though the event is “Open” in Golf Genius, don’t register there on your own. We have 50+ teams already entered, so we have room for a handful more. If you have a partner and wish to play, send me an email with both partner’s names and I will add you to the waitlist. I will take responses through Friday of this week, so please reply soon.


NOTE – since we are way ahead of schedule on this event, we are likely to make the deadline for the first match May 31 (instead of June 30) to allow us to crown a champion by October 31, instead of November. You and your partner should be prepared to get your first match scheduled soon after the brackets are released – hopefully by next week.