CommonGround Men’s Club


Pace of play is a critical part to the enjoyment of the Men’s Club.  Over the years, we have experimented with numerous ways of tracking place of play.  Now that our timeclocks have outlived their useful lives, we have decided to improve upon the tracking by using volunteers from the Men’s Club to record times on the 10th tee and the 17th tee. 


Since we have large waitlists for events, the Board has come up with the following incentives for Members to volunteer for an approximate 3-hour Timekeeping shift:


  1. Automatic Entry into an event of choice (excluding the Member-Guest & Club Championship)
  2. Complimentary entry fee to a selected event of choice
  3. 2 Drink Tickets on the day of service
  4. Lunch on the day of service


We will utilize 6 volunteers for each event…. 3 on the 10th tee and 3 on the 17th tee.  Volunteer signups will be done on Golf Genius.  Volunteer signups for events will open up 48 hours after each respective event and invitations WILL be sent for the Volunteer signups.


Finally, as with all other Men’s Club events, we will not take requests for service times on the day you choose to volunteer.  Volunteers will be assigned a timeslot for their day of service no less than 3 days in advance of the event they have signed up for.


We feel that the addition of Volunteers to keep time will significantly increase the accountability of the players, will provide factual data for penalties assessed, and will speed up the pace of play.  Thank you in advance for your service and your support of the Men’s Club!