Player Roster

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Last Name First Name Handle H.I.
Adair Tom Adair, Tom 27.3
Atkinson Bennie Atkinson, Bennie 40.5
Atteridge Jim Atteridge, Jim 10.7
Barnes David Barnes, David 16.3
Barnes Jackson Barnes, Jackson
Benzel Rick Benzel, Rick 16.8
Bergman Mitch Bergman, Mitch 6.6
Bergren Nick Bergren, Nick 6.0
Bradshaw Phil Bradshaw, Phil 14.4
Brink Bob Brink, Bob 18.2
Brink Dan Brink, Dan 3.8
Canter Scot Canter, Scot 14.5
Castro Ruben Castro, Ruben 14.6
Cleaver Chase Cleaver, Chase 1.8
Clemens Paul Clemens, Paul
Cobb Kevin Cobb, Kevin 16.3
Cooksey Larry Cooksey, Larry 21.4
Currier Mike Currier, Mike 3.5
Dickerman Wade Dickerman, Wade 21.3
Dittmer David Dittmer, David 7.1
Dockstader Lee Dockstader, Lee 12.1
Doerfler Robert Doerfler, Robert 13.3
Drennen Doug Drennen, Doug 14.1
Duncan Greg Duncan, Greg 16.2
Eddlemon Chad Eddlemon, Chad
Egert Wes Egert, Wes 7.5
Endreson Bryan Endreson, Bryan 10.7
Faucett Casey Faucett, Casey 4.6
Ferguson Jim Ferguson, Jim 14.3
Fradette Donald Fradette, Donald 22.1
Fradette Jay Fradette, Jay
Gaston Donald Gaston, Donald 18.1
Gates Trevor Gates, Trevor 9.4
Gibson Jordan Gibson, Jordan
Gomez Jerome Gomez, Jerome 14.1
Graham Bob Graham, Bob 26.6
Gunderson Jason Gunderson, Jason 1.0
Hanson Howard Hanson, Howard 25.7
Hanson Justin Hanson, Justin 5.8
Harris Steve Harris, Steve 14.2
Hillman Bryan Hillman, Bryan 6.1
Hosack Robert Hosack, Robert 15.8
Hoskins Corey Hoskins, Corey 17.2
Howard Jeffrey Howard, Jeffrey 14.3
Hull Jared Hull, Jared 20.3
Hurt Lloyd Hurt, Lloyd 26.0
Jenkin Joe Jenkin, Joe 1.3
Johnson Aaron Johnson, Aaron 7.7
Johnson Shane Johnson, Shane 17.8
Laird Tracy Laird, Tracy 18.1
Lehmann Rich Lehmann, Rich 23.4
Lindhorst Michael Lindhorst, Michael 11.1
Linton Paul Linton, Paul3
Linton Paul Linton, Paul2
Linton Paul Linton, Paul1
Linton Paul Linton, Paul
Linton Paul Linton, Paul
Lougen Martin Lougen, Martin 21.2
MacLardy Doug MacLardy, Doug 22.6
Madison Sam Madison, Sam
Maglaque Alan Maglaque, Alan 19.2
Manclark Ian Manclark, Ian 11.5
Mango Louis Mango, Louis 7.1
Marrinan Steve Marrinan, Steve 14.1
Matt Ralph Matt, Ralph 18.1
Mauger Steve Mauger, Steve 14.5
McAllister Bob McAllister, Bob 26.8
McDonald Fred McDonald, Fred 8.5
Miller Jamal Miller, Jamal 17.6
Miller Nick Miller, Nick 15.9
Morgan Tracy Morgan, Tracy 23.2
Moss Dave Moss, Dave 28.0
MulHolland Michael MulHolland, Michael 20.7
Murray Shawn Murray, Shawn 35.8
Newsom Brad Newsom, Brad 19.8
Nigro Stephen Nigro, Stephen 10.2
Norelius David Norelius, David 9.2
O'Brien Jerry O'Brien, Jerry 25.0
Ostby Corey Ostby, Corey 6.1
Peyton tarrick Peyton, tarrick
Resnick Perry Resnick, Perry 19.4
Ries Tom Ries, Tom1
Ries Tom Ries, Tom 17.3
Rood Scott Rood, Scott 20.8
Rose Bruce Rose, Bruce 27.9
Rowe Tom Rowe, Tom 10.6
Rozario Dennis Rozario, Dennis 18.3
Ryan Garrett Ryan, Garrett
Schrock Jason Schrock, Jason 33.5
Schuett Kyle Schuett, Kyle 16.0
Seligman Keith Seligman, Keith 9.6
Short Jim Short, Jim 7.5
Smith Dick Smith, Dick 24.0
Smith Jeff Smith, Jeff 13.4
Stubbs Arthur Stubbs, Arthur 24.9
Taylor Dustin Taylor, Dustin 8.9
Tereza Jerry Tereza, Jerry 18.5
Tereza Son of Jerry Tereza, Son of Jerry
Thompson Ron Thompson, Ron 21.9
Todd Jerry Todd, Jerry 13.5
Tubbs Dale Tubbs, Dale 7.4
Veach Mike Veach, Mike 16.1
Wallace Craig Wallace, Craig 8.9
Warner Carl Warner, Carl 14.9