Sunshine  Senior Tour        Q-School 2021                  

21-22 January 2021

Royal Johannesburg & Kensington G C- East Course

Additional Local Rules


  • There is placing on all closely mown areas within one club length from the original position of the ball. The ball to be marked must be marked, may be cleaned, and replaced within the said distance not nearer the hole. This procedure may only be done once per specific placing procedure.

Out of Bounds (Rule 18.2)

  • Out of bounds is defined by areas in between white stakes, white lines, and ring fencing of the course with the residential properties/construction.

Penalty Areas (Rule 17) 

  • Red penalty areas, defined by red stakes and red lines
  • Yellow penalty areas are defined by yellow stakes or yellow lines
  • Some alternate dropping zones have been marked as options of relief, provided these areas are not closer to the hole from where the ball last entered the penalty area.

Abnormal Course Conditions (including Immovable Obstructions) (Rule 16)

  • Ground under repair is defined by any area encircled by a white painted line. 
  • The young trees identified by a blue stake. If a player’s ball lies anywhere on the course other than in a penalty area and it lies on or touches such a tree or such a tree interferes with the player’s stance or area of intended swing, the player must take relief under Rule 16.1(f). If the ball lies in a penalty area, and interference to the player’s stance or area of intended swing exists from such a tree, the player must take relief either with the penalty under Rule 17.1(e)
  • Where an abnormal ground condition is claimed by the player, a ruling must be sought from a’ rules official’. (Recent storm damage/tractor marks)

Integral Objects

  • Retaining artificial walls, bridges and pilings when located in penalty areas are integral objects.
  • Chipped bark trimmings spread under some trees are integral parts of the course and no relief is offered.
  •  If in any doubt to a procedure, please play two balls and report this to the Tournament Director before handing in your completed score card.