18 January 2021


Attention: All Members/Participants in Senior Tour events


Dear Golfer,


Q-School 2021-Covid-19 Rules


Some time ago we sent out a letter and SMS’s to members announcing officially that Golf had re-opened to Level 1 of the government regulations. The governmental action programme with specific rules, regulations, and conditions has been adjusted back to Level 3 and we all should by now be aware of the details. We urge all members/participants to seek these conditions and be obedient to them. Please visit the GolfRSA website to familiarise yourselves with these regulations.


We will stage the Q-School from 21-22 January 2021 at the Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club. The management of this club are obviously Covid-19 compliant with the requirements sent out by Golf RSA in line with Government Gazetted documentation. Members must sign in at the club and take a temperature test and then wear masks and always observe social distancing and sanitisation in the club house and its immediate facilities. Once on the course the wearing of masks are relaxed for play, while still observing social distancing.


Draws:             There is a fixed draw for day1 and a seeded draw by score for day 2.


Tee Times:       From 8.00am for the professionals in 3-balls in 10- minute intervals on Day 1 & 2


Carts:               Player’s account. Sharing is possible at the players’ risk.


Rules and Procedures - Risk Mitigation

  1. On -line entry and payment to the Senior Tour; no payments will be taken at the course.
  2. Entry fees are pre-paid to SAST by the professionals.
  3. The Royal JHB & KGC facility and the Senior Tour will require you to be temperature tested on entry/registration, as well as for you to sign a declaration.
  4. It is recommended you change to your golf shoes in the car park or club changerooms.
  5. All carts will be fully sanitised by the facility.
  6. Range balls: The range is available for practice and balls are available free of charge.
  7. Care should be taken not to handle unnecessary railings or items.
  8. You may only go to the tee once the players in front have departed the teeing ground.
  9. Score cards and additional local rules will be at the first tee.
  10. Halfway House food and soft drink is a ‘grab and go’ available after 9 holes (players’ account)
  11. All players need to observe and comply with social distancing and sanitisation when playing.
  12. All players/participants must wear masks off the course.
  13. Bunkers and bunker rakes; see local rules (placing within 0.5m from the original position)
  14. Flag- Pole attendance is prohibited. The player may remove the flag stick with a glove.
  15. Towels/cloths may also be used when handling the flag poles as a preventative measure.
  16. Only the player may retrieve and handle his golf ball at all stages.
  17. No shaking of hands before or after play
  18. Score cards must be smartphone photographed with the markers’ and player’s names and scores.
  19. Photos to be sent via WhatsApp to 083 227 0840.