Dear Oneka Senior Men’s League Golfer:


 We look forward to the 2021 Oneka Ridge Senior Men’s Golf League season and seeing new and existing members out on the course. The annual league dues for 2021 are $105 which includes the GHIN handicap fee, monthly luncheons, Club Championship and Match Play prizes, Fall Banquet meal and prizes as well as some administrative expenses.

League play generally begins the first week of April. Members will not be able to play or participate in league events until payment of annual dues is received. Dues can be paid online with a credit card or payment by check that can be dropped off or mailed directly to the golf course.


The spring meeting will be held at Oneka Ridge Golf Course on Thursday, March 25 at 10:00 a.m. We will discuss information about the upcoming season. Member dues and hole-in-one insurance ($5) may also be paid at this time.

The tee time reservation days will be the same as last year. Members will be able to make online tee time reservations on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. for the following Tuesday and on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. for the following Thursday. Online reservations close at 12:00 p.m. the day before the event.


The total charge for green fees and event fees is $27 and an additional $12 if you choose to ride in a cart. There is an optional daily fee of $5 if you choose to participate in that day's “skins” game. Winnings from each event will be recorded as clubhouse credit that can be used in the pro shop for merchandise. Winnings from the skin games will be paid in cash.


League play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf. Therefore, it is imperative that all members adhere strictly to those rules. For example, there are no "gimmies" in this game. The hole is not completed until the ball has come to rest within the cup. Also, lies cannot be improved or "fluffed" without penalty. The total number of strokes taken on each hole must be accurately recorded. If violations occur, it is the responsibility of each player in the group to acknowledge the violation and record the penalty accurately. If there are questions about the rule, check with Jon or Mike or Jamie in the pro shop for an official ruling. Golf is a game of integrity and all players are expected to adhere to the same set of rules.

The senior (Gold) tees will continue to be the default tees. However, the forward (Red) tees will again be an option. If you are planning to play the forward tees, please circle the Red tee option on the registration form. You must play those tees throughout each round for the entire season and your handicap will be adjusted accordingly.

Oneka Ridge will continue to send text messages regarding event cancellations, no carts, etc. due to weather. Please be sure to include your cell phone number in the registration form.


To register for membership, go to the Oneka Ridge website and click on the League Menu. Select League Registration and then select Senior Men’s Club. Select payment method of either credit card or check payment. If paying by credit card, you will be able to complete the registration form online. If paying by check, print the form and write out the check to Oneka Ridge Senior Men’s League and drop it off at the clubhouse or mail the registration form and check to the Oneka Ridge Golf Course. The address is listed on the form.


The Oneka Ridge Senior Men's Club Board:


Ron Raasch, Kevin Kinzer, Bob Schwarz, Tim Wilhelmson