Amateur Code of Conduct


Golf Saskatchewan (Golf Sask) takes immense pride in the quality of its players, host facilities and broad community involvement at each championship. To continue making Golf Saskatchewan championships enjoyable for everyone, Golf Sask requires all participants to adhere to a set of guidelines known as the Golf Saskatchewan Code of Conduct. 


The Golf Saskatchewan Code of Conduct is to be followed throughout the entire competition and is inherently agreed to by the player when registering and playing on our event.


An amateur player will always behave in a manner becoming of a Golf Sask/Golf Canada (or other recognized Golf Union) member by:

  • acting with integrity and honour,
  • respecting fellow competitors, referees, officials, volunteers, spectators and golf course personnel,
  • displaying proper etiquette and sportsmanship,
  • wearing appropriate attire, and
  • being polite.



Golf Saskatchewan has a Zero Tolerance regulation for abusive behavior/actions towards; any staff, referees, officials, volunteers, host committee, fellow competitors, member of the host golf club and/or community, media, and sponsors/partners. This policy includes digital media posts as well.



  1. Will strictly adhere to the Rules of Golf and other Notices to the Players.
  2. Will complete all competitive rounds of golf, unless otherwise approved by the Golf Sask Tournament Committee.
  3. Will adhere to the dress code during practice and competitive rounds.
  4. Will demonstrate respect for all tournament personnel,
  5. Will demonstrate respect for their fellow golfers. (Win with dignity and lose with dignity.)
  6. Will refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, including abusive language, profane language, club throwing, or abuse of golf course and/or Golf Sask tournament property.
  7. Will refrain from use of illegal drugs, vaping, marijuana products or alcohol during a round.   
  1. Exception – alcohol is allowed during the Women’s Rosebowl and Mixed Team Championships
  1. Will not demonstrate any other conduct not becoming of a Golf Saskatchewan member.
  2. Caddies must wear Golf Sask caddy bib and appropriate attire.



  1. Will avoid any other conduct not becoming of a Golf Saskatchewan/Canada member.
  2. Will not be associated with vandalism,
  3. Will not use or have association with illegal drugs.
  4. Will not demonstrate abusive behaviour towards any fellow competitor, tournament officials/referee, host club members, or community officials. 



  1. See Golf Saskatchewan Hard Card #17.
  2. The penalty for a Code of Conduct violation, at any time during the event, may be the immediate withdraw/rejection of a player’s entry in the event.  
    • For an on-course violation, Golf Saskatchewan may opt to issue a warning for a 1ST offence. 
    • Where circumstances warrant, the Golf Saskatchewan Tournament Director, Head Referee, Supervisor or the entire Committee may send a competitor home in which case the competitor will be responsible for all costs incurred.
  3. Any Code of Conduct violation may result in:
  1. a written correspondence to the player and her/his parent/guardian, Provincial/National Golf Association.
  2. disqualification from future Golf SK sanctioned tournament(s) for which he or she has been accepted.
  3. the suspension of the player’s membership in Golf Sask indefinitely.


In the event of an alleged violation of the Code of Conduct, the Golf Sask Tournament & Rules Committee will investigate the allegation within 30 days of the incident and, if it deems there are sufficient grounds to warrant disqualification from future Golf Saskatchewan tournaments or suspension of Golf Saskatchewan membership, may make such a recommendation to the Golf Saskatchewan Board of Directors, which will then deal with the recommendation in accordance with Sections 3.6 and 3.7 of the Golf Saskatchewan Bylaws.  Any player who has been found guilty of a violation of the Code of Conduct will not be eligible for post-season honours.



The Golf Saskatchewan Tournament Committee may impose penalties for Code of Conduct violations. All violations or infractions may be recorded, referred to the Golf Saskatchewan Disciplinary Committee for further investigation, and kept on file as part of a competitor’s permanent record.  Where deemed necessary a written letter of warning will be sent to the competitor, with a copy to his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) if applicable.  The Disciplinary Committee may impose additional penalties or sanctions.  In the event the Golf Saskatchewan Disciplinary Committee decides a suspension is warranted, the competitor and his/her parents or guardian (if applicable) will be advised of the suspension in writing.  A competitor may appeal a Golf Saskatchewan Tournament Committee decision to the Golf Saskatchewan Disciplinary Committee.  The competitor (and his/her parents or guardian, if applicable) will be notified of the date when the appeal will be heard.  The Golf Saskatchewan Disciplinary Committee will review all submitted materials and presentations and then issue a written decision within 30 days of such a hearing. The decision of the Golf Saskatchewan Disciplinary Committee is final.  Competitors are responsible for their own decisions and are encouraged to consult with Golf Saskatchewan or Golf Canada representatives or event organizers before undertaking any action or activity that may be considered a violation of the code of conduct.


Misconduct in other jurisdictions and non-Golf Saskatchewan events

Should Golf Saskatchewan be informed or become aware of misconduct by a competitor in non-Golf Saskatchewan sanctioned events either in Saskatchewan or other jurisdictions, Golf Saskatchewan reserves the right to impose additional penalties, discipline or sanctions against the competitor, including, but not limited to, non-selection or removal from teams and denial of entry into Golf Saskatchewan sanctioned events.


Updated June 28, 2019 (BL – Golf Saskatchewan)