Spectator Code of Conduct


Golf Saskatchewan takes immense pride in the caliber of play, player conduct and dedication displayed at all championships. Players are required to adhere to a Code of Conduct throughout the entire championship and it is reasonable to expect those observing the competition to follow the same principles. 

To show respect to the players, the involvement of our host clubs and volunteers while maintaining a fun yet professional atmosphere, Golf Sask requires all spectators adhere to the following Spectator Code of Conduct

Failure to comply with the Spectator Code of Conduct may result in removal from the course and future sanctions.

A parent and/or spectator will behave in a manner becoming of a Golf Sask/Golf Canada (or recognized Golf Union) member by:

  • acting with integrity and honour,
  • respecting fellow competitors, referees, officials, volunteers, spectators and golf course personnel,
  • displaying proper etiquette and sportsmanship,
  • wearing appropriate attire, and
  • being polite.



Golf Saskatchewan has a Zero Tolerance regulation for abusive behavior/actions towards; any staff, referee, officials, volunteers, host committee, fellow competitors, member of the host golf club and/or community, media, and sponsors/partners. This policy includes digital media as well.


Who this applies to:

  • Any spectators who are not the player’s caddy. 
  • Junior events prohibit the use of a caddy. *
  • Any spectator who exhibits a caddy’s role may result in a player receiving a penalty and/or disqualification penalty for multiple breaches.     

When on the golf course:

  1. Spectators attend Golf Saskatchewan events at their own risk.
  2. Please keep your distance from the competitors (approximately 15 yards – 45 feet) while following them during play.   
  3. Do not walk in the fairways during the tournament rounds. 
  4. No advice is to be given to competitors during a round(s).
  5. Make sure to avoid all communication, verbal and non-verbal, which may be construed by others (competitors, parents and Referees) as advice.   
  6. Avoid distracting competitors on the course. Examples: refrain from talking on cell phones, shutters on cameras or music onto the course.
  7. Be careful to not delay play for following groups by standing in their target or landing area.
  8. Help maintain the Pace of Play by assisting to spot golf balls for competitors, after being requested to do so.
  9. Should you have a participant in the championship, please feel free to ask if they need anything to eat or drink at the turn. 
    • If you are new to the game of golf, welcome.  For your information, the turn is between the 9th Green and 10th tee box or it could be the 18th green and 1st tee box.  It is usually located at or near the clubhouse.
  10. Golf Sask does not allow spectators to have power carts on the golf course without permission. The Golf Sask Tournament Director will review each request for a power cart on an individual basis.


Regarding the Rules of Golf:

  1. Allow Golf Saskatchewan Referees to administer rulings.  A spectator and/or parent will be brought into a situation only if the Referee and/or Head Referee asks you for input. If you have a child in the event, encourage them to familiarize themselves with the Rules of Golf, Notice to the Competitors and all the supplementary local rules specific to the championship. 
  2. Please be aware of the options available to the player.


Respecting the Host Club and Golf Etiquette:

  1. Familiarize yourself and adhere to the host facility’s dress code. Some facilities may not allow blue jeans, T-shirts, etc. 
  2. If you are going to wear golf shoes as you walk the course, make sure they do not have metal or traditionally designed spikes.
  3. Please turn off your cell phones if you are on the golf course.
  4. Respect the host facility’s policy if cell phones are not allowed at all on the grounds.


Misconduct in other jurisdictions and non-Golf Saskatchewan events:

Should Golf Saskatchewan be informed or become aware of misconduct by a parent of spectator in non-Golf Saskatchewan sanctioned events either in Saskatchewan or other jurisdictions, Golf Saskatchewan reserves the right to impose its own discipline or sanctions against the parent or spectator, including, but not limited to, denial of entry or access to Golf Saskatchewan sanctioned events.


Penalty and/or Penalties:

Parents and/or Spectators - Rule 10.2 prohibits a competitor from receiving advice, except under specified circumstances. Competitors are advised to ask parents, spectators and companions to follow at a distance (recommended minimum of 15 yards – 45 feet) so there can be no question that communication can be construed to be advice. 

A competitor is subject to the General Penalty for each infraction or a removal of championship entry (disqualification) in extreme circumstances. 


*Further disciplinary action(s) may be taken by Golf Saskatchewan’s Board of Directors.