Dress Code Including Footwear


The philosophy of the code is to respect the game, maintain golf’s culture and traditions while allowing the variety of today’s comfortable, stylish performance clothing.  Should a host facility have a stricter dress code, its policy will take precedence over Golf Saskatchewan’s Dress Code, including footwear.


All Golf Saskatchewan players and caddies must adhere to the code anytime the player is on the host golf course property during all practice and tournament rounds. A breach of the Golf Saskatchewan Dress Code may result in disqualification.

The Golf Saskatchewan Rules & Tournament Committee will review questionable attire. Participants in violation of the Dress Code may not be allowed to tee off or, if the violation is discovered once play has begun, the participant may be asked to discontinue play.
à Please note, other Provinces and Golf Canada have policies which may differ from Golf Saskatchewan’s Policy.


Required Dress:

  1. Men are required to wear golf shirts with collars (mock necks and turtlenecks are permitted).
    • Shorts may be worn, including cargo shorts, and kilts are also acceptable. 
    • Golf shorts with a side pocket are acceptable.
  2. Women are permitted to wear pants, slacks, shorts, skorts, capris, yoga pants and dresses.
    • Mock style, v-neck and sleeveless shirts are permitted. Tops may be worn untucked.
    • Bare midriff or cleavage is not acceptable.
  3. Hats or visors must be worn in a forward position. 
  4. Removal of hats/visors: Participants, spectators, caddies and guests should remove hat/visor while indoors at host facility. The removal of hats/visors is a sign of respect for the traditions of the game.


Prohibited Dress:

Golf Saskatchewan understands the fashion line for golf has modernized, however the following are not acceptable:

  1. Tank tops and/or plain T-shirts.
  2. Denim shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts.
  3. Jeans including blue jeans or other coloured denim material.   
  4. For Junior’s – any clothing with alcoholic, marijuana, vaping and/or tobacco branding and/or products.
  5. Clothing with inappropriate graphics, logos, and/or slogans.
  6. Provocative clothing – please note, Golf Sask may ask players, spectators and or caddies to change if we deem the clothing not to be in the traditions/standards of the game.


Footwear including Caddies:


  • Players can wear athletic shoes and/or golf soft spikes only (removable or permanent).
    • Boots do not meet the foot-wear policy (includes construction boots, cowboy boots, etc.).
  • Shoes with traditionally-designed spikes (regardless of composition, i.e. ceramic, plastic or the like) or spikes, regardless of design, comprised either entirely or partially of metal (if such metal may come in contact with the course) are prohibited during the competition rounds, including the official practice rounds. 
  • Note: Penalty for breach of this condition is Disqualification.


  • Caddies must wear flat-soled shoes (no spikes) for events allowing the use of a caddie.
  • A caddie may not wear traditionally designed spikes or shoes with conventional spikes (regardless of composition).
    • Spikeless golf shoes are allowed however sandals/flip flops are not recommended.
  • Caddies are also required to wear a Golf Sask caddy bib and return it each day.
  • Note: Violation of this condition may result in the disqualification of the player