Callippe Golf Club

2021 Match Play Tournament

PAY HERE (after 7pm Sunday 3/21/21)

Group Play - Round Robin Matches
Everyone will play at least (3) matches
Must complete
all (3) matches in the month of April and May
Player 1 vs. Player 2 Group Play Matches
At the conclusion of three matches, the player with the best win-loss record from each group advances to play traditional, single-elimination match play bracket with rounds of 16
Tie Breakers
1. If two or three players are tied, the fewest holes played in the players "Wins" will determine the player to advance (18 holes used when extra holes are required).
2. If a tie still exists, results of the head to head matches will determine the winner.
Player 3 vs. Player 4
Player 1 vs. Player 4
Player 2 vs. Player 3
Player 1 vs. Player 3
Player 2 vs. Player 4
JUNE Round of 16 - (8) Matches See Rules below for single-elimination Knockout Rounds
JULY Quarter Finals - (4) Matches
AUGUST Semi-Finals - (2) Matches
SEPTEMBER Finals - (1) Match
The Field 64 person field / 16-4 player Brackets
Format All rounds will be played under the match play format
Course All rounds will be played at the Callippe Preserve Golf Course
Groups The bracket, including each 4 person group will be determined by random draw.
Brackets Each of the sixteen (16) Group winners will move into the Bracket portion of the tournament.
Handicap Everyone will receive full handicap based on your current handicap the day the match takes place.  If your handicap is increased or reduced based on your Callippe Golf Club local handicap, then you must use that handicap.  Note that your match play scores will be used for the Callippe local handicap.
Strokes are rolled off the lower handicap person. (example: if player "A" has a course handicap (C.H.) of 2 and player "B" has a C.H. of 7, player "B" will receive 1 stroke on each of the 5 hardest holes)
Pairings All pairings will be random within each pool and completed at a "Pairings Event" in March. Date TBD
Tees All matches will be played from the BLUE tees/Women from Yellow, unless agreed upon differently by both players.
Arranging Matches Both players will be responsible for arranging a mutually agreed upon day and time to play the match.  Matches can be played any time or day during the playing window.  We are a weekend Golf Club, so while matches can be played anytime, most matches will occur on a weekend during the month.  If you are unable or unwilling to play weekends, this may not be the best tournament for you.
Playing Window and Round Deadlines

ALL rounds must be competed in the respective month
Group Play over a two month period / Bracket Rounds 4-6 will be played over a one month period. 
Round Robin Rounds
All Round Robin matches must be completed in April & May (4/1 -  5/31)
Knockout Rounds
Round 4: 6/1 - 6/30 (8 matches)
Round 5: 7/1 - 7/31 (4 matches)
Round 6: 8/1-8/31 (2 matches)
Final Match: 9/1-9/30 (1 match)
Player withdraw If a player withdraws prior to or during a match, the match will be deemed completed and his/her opponent will be considered the winner of the match (using 18 holes).
Failure to complete a match If the match has not been completed by the round deadline, both players forfeit and will be eliminated from the tournament.  This can be appealed to the Tournament committee.  The tournament committee has the final decision.  Due to past issues, THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.
Contact Information Everyone that enters the Match Play tournament agrees to have contact information exchanged between all participants.  Contact information can not be used for solicitation purposes.  Anyone using the contact information for any purpose other than this match play tournament will be subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the club.
Prize Fund/$1800 Total
(Based on 64 player field)
16 Group Runner up--$20 Credit in Pro Shop
16 Group Winners--$35 Credit in Pro Shop
8 4th Round Winners--$50 Credit in Pro Shop
4 5th Round Winners--$65 Credit in Pro Shop
2 6th Round Winners-- $80 Credit in Pro Shop
1 Match Play Champion--$100 Credit in Pro Shop
Additional Rules The tournament committee has the right to add or alter rules if it is determined the changes will benefit the overall tournament.
Callippe Cup points are awarded as follows: 40 points if you play all three of your Group matches, you must play all three matches to receive the 40 points.  20 points for the winner of each group, 10 points for the runner up in each group, and 10 points for each win thereafter.
When a male plays against a female, the hole handicaps from the one receiving the strokes are used.  For example, if a female is a 9 handicap and the opposing male is a 7, the female will receive strokes on handicap holes 1 and 2 for women.
Match Results Both players will be responsible for submitting match results to the Tournament chair person.  Please send e-mail to azeunen@gmail.com upon completion.
Ties/Playoff Procedure for Knockout Rounds In the event of a tied match after 18 holes, the match will be decided in one of the two methods below.

1st option- Play off: Talk with the Callippe staff to see if continuing the match on hole #1 is possible.  IF that is allowed, continue the match in a sudden death playoff.  First person to win a hole, WINS.  Strokes would be given the same as they were during the 18 holes.  Please leave the course as soon as a winner is determined, do not continue to play.

2nd option- The two players agree to either, putt off, chip off, or flip a coin.  TIES ARE NEVER ACCEPTABLE!
Posting Scores For the 2021 Summer Long Match Play Tournament the following score posting policy will be observed.

1. All Scores will be posted by the Tournament Committee or Handicap Director
2. Take a picture of the scorecard and email azeunen@gmail.com or text the picture to 925-980-7544.  If you are unable to take a picture, place scorecards in the box next to the posting computer. 
3. Scorecards must include golfer’s names, handicaps, the tees you played from and date of play.
4. Tournament Director (Alan Zeunen) & Handicap Director (David Crotty) should be notified by email with the result of the match.

For GHIN system posting, play will be considered concluded once the match is decided. 

If a match is decided beyond 18 holes only scores from the first 18 holes will be used when posting.

If the match is decided prior to the 18th hole then a score of NET par will be recorded for any remaining holes, even if you play the holes.  Thus if a match is decided on hole 15, the scores for the remaining 3 holes will be equal to NET par based upon the hole handicap rating and player handicap.  You may continue to play the remaining holes but the scores on these holes will not be used when posting.