2021 ~ Welcome to 2-Person Best-Ball League Play

@ Butler Park



Standard: Intermediate-Professional

Dates: Every other Tuesday

Time: Arrive 5:15 for 6pm Shotgun (5:30pm Fall/Winter)

Price: $100 per pair  



League play will be 2-person best ball team format. This is a higher standard league, so if you don't make birdies, this isn't for you. If you sign up for this "League", you will be notified of all 2-person events... so it is important to join the League (see above registration bar).  There will be a $20pp entry and a $30pp purse paid on arrival (cash only)... payout will vary based on number of players.  Once you are signed up, we will be sending emails the week before (on Thursdays) to notify of an event. 


See you on the Course!