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2020 PPGS Host Professional Duties


The objective of the PPGS:       


The objective of the PPGS is to elevate the standards of the Professional golfer’s vocation: to promote greater interest in the game of golf; to protect the mutual interest of all its members; provide competitive playing opportunities for its members and its community.


PPGS Committee

The PPGS is represented by the committee to ensure that all rules and regulations of the Philadelphia Section of the PGA and USGA are upheld and enforced if necessary.  The committee will meet a minimum of three (3) times per calendar year.  The Committee is responsible for the tournament schedule for each season and shall have a representative from the Section tournament committee. The committee shall make resolutions to disputes and all decisions made by the committee final.


The following PGA members make up the committee for the 2020 season:


Mark Monahan (Honesdale), Jim Muschlitz (Southmoore), John Pillar (Woodloch Springs), Greg Wall (Pocono Manor), Dustin McCormick (Glen Brook), Kevin Edwards (Olde Homestead), Jared Cottell (Elkview), and Gregg Meyer (Woodstone).


General Information

The minimum required added money is $500.00 per event. NEW for 2020, the entry fee is $70 per player amateur & professional.  Additional skins for professionals may be added on top of the entry ($10).  Team events will include gross and net divisions.  A team may accept a prize in only one division.  Amateurs will also compete on an individual basis.  There will be two (2) closest to the pin contest for the amateurs in every event.  The entry includes cart fees and $6.00 per person for the association’s charity contributions.  Facilities adding to entry for charity should contact a committee member prior to the event date for approval.


To host an event, PGA professionals and/or staff must participate in 50% of the events played to host an event.  Once a site has been granted a scheduled date the facility must host an event.  Cancellation of an event due to lack of participation (less than 10 teams) can result in the loss of a scheduled date for the following season.


Professionals must play in 7 events (PPGS Pro-Ams & Match Play, Philly PGA Section’s Shawnee Open and Lehigh Valley Open) to be eligible for the season-ending Stroke Play Championship or the Pocono Cup.  To be eligible to play in the Fall Pro-Pro one professional must have played in a minimum of 7 events (PPGS Pro-Ams & Match Play, Philly PGA Section’s Shawnee Open and Lehigh Valley Open) and the other professional must have played in a minimum of 3 PPGS Pro-AMs.  The committee may modify this number based on cancelation of events.

Tournament Eligibility

All tournaments are on an individual basis by the host professional and are limited to PGA professionals and anyone enrolled in the PGM program. Apprentices not registered for Level II must have attended a section orientation program prior to playing in any Philadelphia PGA Section or PPGS event.  If a facility has a question regarding eligibility, Kevin Edwards will contact all events 24 hours prior to confirm eligibility of the field, host professionals may call Kevin Edwards at Olde Homestead with any questions regarding eligibility.


Secured Entries

Four weeks prior to the event, the host professional will hold two (2) spots for each host club.  From the four-week point to the three-week point only host clubs and PGA members from District 4 and 5 will be able to secure a time.  Host clubs not confirming their two (2) spots by three weeks prior to the tournament date will forfeit their spots.



20 days prior to the tournament date, entries will be accepted from all categories of professionals who are eligible for PPGS tournaments and who are within Districts 4 and 5.  Ten days prior to the tournament date entries are open to all eligible professionals.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of tee times by PGA professionals via no show or call the day of the tournament will result in a penalty of the golf professionals’ full entry.  This fee MUST be paid to the host professional within 5 days.  That professional will also be ineligible to play in any future events until that fee is paid.  Host Professional must report all no-shows or day cancellations to a committee member prior to the next event. 


Course Set Up & Registration responsibilities

The host facility should use good judgment with particular attention to course length, with regard to being too long for amateurs. Most of our participants are seniors and we are better off with an easier setup.  We advise all facilities to lean in this direction.  The committee recommends setting up the golf course to play at a maximum of 6500 yards for Professionals, 6100 for Senior Professionals & Amateurs, and 5800 for Lady Professionals.  The committee will consider withdrawing dates for flagrant or consistent non-compliance to this recommendation. 

Women Professionals play at 82% or forward tees dependent on the facility.  Women amateurs will play from the women’s tees.


Shorts are not permitted to be worn by any male Professional, per Philadelphia PGA rules.


All ties split; we do not match cards for any position.


Host facility must provide tournament scorecard with handicaps marked, rule sheet with specific information regarding the day's format, player’s tees, etc...           Purse breakdown must be posted prior to the event and will be based on X number of teams.  Greg Wall or a committee member will call and provide the breakdown and purse. This will create consistency throughout the season with attention to Regular & Senior divisions.  Please review the purse breakdown provided for your records.


Report tournament results no later than the day after the event.  Contact at least 3 newspapers

(Pocono Record, Scranton Times/Tribune, and Allentown Paper).  We are asking all players to call after 11 AM the following morning for results.  This is a courtesy to the host facility to ensure the accuracy in scoring.  We except results to have been completed and results sent out within 48 hours from the completion of the event.


Mail scorecards and handicap verification forms within 1 week after event for Pocono Cup points and Player of the Year to:


Elkview Country Club

Attention:  Jared Cottell, PGA

PO Box 275

Carbondale, PA 18407



All tournaments are to apply handicaps of 75% for each amateur.  The maximum allowed after the deduction is:

·27 for men

·36 for women

·36 for juniors age 12 and under


Professionals must verify handicaps to ensure the integrity of our competitions.  When calling, please give the handicap index to the host professional.  If a player does not have a handicap index, that player will play at scratch.


In the event of a discrepancy of handicap, the professional may be asked to provide a printout of the last 20 scores with the handicap index for the host professional.



  • Male Professionals under 60 will play the back tees
  • Senior Professionals may play and Amateurs under 60 will play the next tee up. (next shortest)
  • Senior Professionals over 70 may play and Amateurs over 60 will play the next tee up from the Senior Professional tee. (two tee boxes ahead of Male Professionals)
  • Seniors may win in only one division (regular OR senior).  NO DOUBLE DIPPING.
    1. Seniors Professionals playing any tee other than the back tee will only be eligible for the Senior division and not the Regular (non-Senior) division.
  • Indicate/mark Senior amateurs on the scorecard for officials


  • Women Professionals play at 82% or forward tees dependent on the facility.


Discontinuation of Play “Rain Policy”

If 75% of the starting field has completed play and it will be unfeasible for the others to do so on that day, the tournament payout shall be re-calculated based on the number of completing play.  Those participants unable to complete play will be refunded their entry fee minus the facility fee.


If less than 75% of the starting field completed play, the event is considered postponed and canceled.  A makeup date may or may not be available.  Anyone completing play will be refunded their entry fee minus the facility fee. 



The website has been updated for 2020.  We will be utilizing this tool for schedules, results, updates, contact information, marketing for the region, and eventually the place to go for golf in the Pocono Mountain region.  The site is  Please visit and give constructive feedback to  Pro-Am results can also be emailed to Thank you to Gregg Meyer for all your efforts in maintaining the website.  



Example of Entry Breakdown and Senior Division Guidelines


Amateur Breakdown


$70.00 Entry Fee

- 30.00 Facility Fee

-   6.00 Association Fee  (Check payable to GREG WALL, PO Box 7, Pocono Manor, PA 18349)

$ 34.00 for amateur prizes (Team Gross & Net, Low Am, and Closest to Pin)



**Maximum Facility Fee per Amateur is $30. It can be less than $30, but not more.**



Professional Breakdown


$70.00 Entry Fee

-  0.00 Facility Fee

-  6.00 Association Fee (Check payable to GREG WALL, PO Box 7, Pocono Manor, PA 18349)

$64.00 for a professional purse




$500 per event with all going toward the Amateurs's purse.




·When calculating the senior purse


Seniors cashing in the regular division must have their entry fees moved out of the senior division and relocated to the regular division.


The maximum 1st place Senior division is $125.00 regardless of the number of seniors in the field.


NEW in 2020 Senior Amateur division (age 60 and older) is to be awarded at all pro-ams.


Greg Wall will contact all host sites 24 hours prior to your event to confirm the purse & entry breakdown.


If you are running an amateur skins game, you must issue golf shop credit for the winners, no cash.




Player of the Year & Pocono Cup points

Guideline and Regulations


The Lehigh Valley team will be comprised of clubs located south of the blue mountains or Interstate 80.  The Pocono Mountain team is made up of all clubs located north of Interstate 80 or determined by the committee.  The Pocono Cup is held in the fall of each season with venues being rotated between North and South each year.


Player of the Year will be determined by the player finishing with the highest point total throughout the season.  Points are awarded based on the system listed below.  The Player of the Year trophy will be awarded at the Pocono Cup at the conclusion of the season.  All players are eligible for Player of the Year provided they play from the same tee position for Professionals under 60 years of age.  In the event of a tie-in points, both players will be awarded the Player of the Year award.


The Pocono Cup will be hosted by the Pocono Mountains in 2020. 


  1. Players must participate in a minimum of 7 tournaments to be eligible (Philadelphia PGA’s Lehigh Valley Open and Shawnee Open count toward the minimum).
  2. Points are awarded on the following basis in the Regular division only:
  3. Points will be doubled for the Stroke Play Championship.


1st         200 points

2nd        125 points

3rd        100 points

4th        75 points

5th        65 points

6th        60 points

7th        55 points

8th        50 points

9th        45 points

10th      40 points


  • Points awarded to all players including ties.  For example, 3 players shoot 70 and tie for 1st place, all receive 200 points.  2 players shoot 71 and will receive 2nd place points of 125 points each.  Points awarded by score will allow more players the ability to gain points.


  • Please email a list of all of the Professional scores from your event to Jared Cottell at for Pocono Cup & Player of the Year Standings.


Please send scorecards and entry handicap verification forms from your event to Jared Cottell immediately following your event.


Jared Cottell, PGA

Elkview CC

PO Box 275

Carbondale, PA 18407