The entry fee is $25, and if you are not an Annual Member, the Green Fee is $60 in addition to the Entry Fee. You can pay $15 on a credit card and $10 cash if you must, but $10 Skins MUST BE PAID IN CASH. Paid in the Golf Shop before your tee time.


Each group will have 1 player that is required to keep the GROSS score for your foursome in the Golf Genius App. If you don't have it downloaded yet on your phone, please download it before we play Saturday. I'll be on the 1st tee to ensure everyone knows how to do the mobile scoring before your group tees off. 57 Players for the event... THANK YOU!!


  • $25 Entry Fee, Gross/Net Skins included
  • Individual stroke play with payouts for Gross/Net
  • Each player must play 6 holes from the Green, White, and Gold Tees.
    • You will receive strokes based on what your Course Handicap would be from the WHITE tees.
      • Handicap Indexes will be updated on Saturday morning before golf
  • Your teeing area choices do not need to be pre-determined, but you must play 6 holes from each set of tees.