Professionals – Gold Tees

Senior/Lady Professionals – White Tees

Lady Amateurs – Red Tees



Team: Best 3 of 4 Stableford Points Net Eagle – 4, Net Birdie – 3, Net Par – 2, Net Bogey -1

Professionals: Individual medal play



Flagsticks are not be touched or removed. They may be centered provided you do not use your hands to do so. A flagstick maybe centered by a fellow team member while you putt if required.  A ball is considered holed when any part of it comes to rest in the cup.


There are no rakes in the bunkers. All players may lift, clean, smooth if necessary and place their ball within one clublength of the original lie but remain in the bunker.


If you are on the cut portion of the whole you are playing you may lift clean and place your ball within once                clublength oft the original lie no closer to the hole.


There are areas marked Ground Under Repair on holes 4, 6,7,11


If in need of a ruling text or call Ken Morrow 306 860-7672 or play two balls and report the circumstances to the Committee.





Team  Ladies                                                      Professional

1st – Sun Ice Chelsey Quilted Jacket              $250

         Sun Ice Lizzie Quilted Vest                       $200

2nd – Sun Ice Onassis Jacket                            $150

         Sun ice Maddie Pullover                          $100

3rd – Sun Ice Daisey Hybrid Pullover

         Sun Ice Amber SSleeve Windshirt

4th – Sun Ice Serena Jacket

         Sun Ice Maddie Pullover   

5th – Sun Ice Elana Jacket

         Sun Ice Jenny Polo 

6th – Sun Ice Maddie Pullover

7th – Sun Ice Anna Pullover

8th – Sun Ice Jenny Polo


All Ladies prizes will require the professional to provide sizing/color if applicable to the Zone Office after the event and arrangements will be made to deliver.


KP’S 4@$100

Amateurs Only


PROFESSIONAL PURSE                                       


1st – $800                

2nd – $575               

3rd – $460                

4th – $395    

5th – $340

6th – $290    

7th – $240