Welcome to the Coors Light 2-Man Scramble

The Coors Light 2-Man field has been set and we're ready to host you for two days on wonderful scramble golf. 


Important Notes: 


Divisions:  These have been set for the event. Handicaps were adjusted to be an index differential of 6 between partners. 

In order to complete divisions with even numbers, you will notice teams with the same handicaps in different divsions. To decide who moves into the stronger divisions we used the team with the players who had teh lowest individual index. Thus, if a player had a 4.8 index, but was on a team with a 7 handicap, that 4.8 may have catapulted them into Division #2. Whereas, a team with a 6.3 and 5.8 indexes would remain in Division #3. 


Power Carts: There are enough carts for every team in the event. You will need to wait for your carts on the afternoon draw, thus plan to warm up without carts.