2021 MacDonald Chrysler Shootout

July 31st & August 1st



36 Hole Two-man Scramble
Men’s Divisions 1-4 will play the BLUE TEES
Senior Divisions 1-2 will play the WHITE TEES



All Golf Canada rules govern play with the exclusion of local rules.

Lift, Clean, & Place one 9 iron length no closer the hole while maintaining the same cut of grass.

Balls hit into penalty areas are to be played as they lie, 2nd ball must be placed as close as possible to original position of the first ball.


Balls hit into sand traps can be played as waste areas and follow the same procedure as in the fairway.


Tie Breakers

Overall Amateur Championship: Tie for overall champions will be determined by a sudden death playoff using starting on hole #10 then #9 and follow that order until a winner has been determined.


Division Ties: All division ties will be settled by using retrogression using Sunday's scores starting on hole 18 and working back.


Tony’s Meats Sausage, Fries, and Budlight for all players following play on Saturday.

Awards & Prizing
Following the completion of play on Sunday.
Results can be found online at: