**Registration is Now Open**


Men’s 9 Hole League


Welcome and come join us!!

The 9-Hole Men’s League will begin the official 2021-2022 season on 7 October. The league plays on Thursday morning and we are back to shotgun starts. To play in league play everyone must register with the league through the online process via The Views website. That includes everyone who was registered to play in 2020. The new season is active from October 2021 to October 2022.


Once underway we play a different handicapped game each week with prize money. We have all levels of players with handicaps ranging from 5 to 21 and even higher. All members have a chance to win. Plus we always meet other members and form new friendships. Friendships are an important reason to join the club.


We have regular meetings the second Thursday of the month following league play. These meetings bring us up to date on club business. And we also have refreshments, raffle prizes and time to build friendships.


You can join and renew membership through the The Views website beginning September 1st. Everything at The Views is now done through the web. If you have questions about how to join please contact:


Tod Milton


 or one of the league Board members listed below.


You will need to establish a handicap directly with the Arizona Golf Association.

CLICK HERE to purchase/renew through the AGA website.  If you need any further assistance please contact the Golf Shop @ (520)825-3110. You will then need to play 10 9 hole rounds or 5 18 hole rounds to establish your handicap. Your handicap is modified as you play and record each round.


Starting this year there are no more paper score sheets for league play. All league scores are recorded on the Golf Genius app.

But don’t worry if you don’t have a smart phone or don’t know how to work the app, it’s easy and we will help you.

We have a good time. Nine holes doesn’t take long to play, there’s is a good chance for victory, and we know you will make new friends through club play.




Tod Milton




Dean Chapman




Jerry Moss