Moore’s Mill Club




Saturday October 20th – Last day to accumulate points on Saturday Dogfight points list

Saturday October 27th – ALPHA DOG OF THE YEAR tournament begins

Saturday December 1st– ALPHA DOG OF THE YEAR tournament ends



  • Top 12 players according to points list from Saturday Dogfight on October 20th qualify for the ALPHA DOG OF THE YEAR tournament.
  • Best two(2) out of Six(6) qualifying rounds(barring weather) between October 27th and December 1st .  If a round gets cancelled for ANY reason, it will not get rescheduled!
  • Qualifying rounds will be played on Saturday’s during normal Dogfight

          times(7:30am – 11:30am).  These rounds cannot be played any other time/day.

  • To be crowned ALPHA DOG OF THE YEAR, you MUST compete in at least two(2) qualifying rounds. Play in all six… or just two, the more you play, the better chance you have to win. 
  • Scoring: Dogfight Points
    • Your BEST two scores (+/-) added together with…
    • Bonus Points from Dogfight points list on October 20th.
      • 1st       8.0 pts
      • 2nd       7.0
      • 3rd       6.0
      • 4th       5.5
      • 5th       5.0
      • 6th       3.5
      • 7th       3.0
      • 8th       2.5
      • 9th       2.0
      • 10th     1.5
      • 11th     1.0
      • 12th     0.5
  • Dogfight points quota for all six rounds will be the same and averaged as follows:
    • Best five quotas from the year: Throw out the High/Low and average the middle three, rounded.


1st Place     $150 Gift Certificate & One(1) month FREE dues!

2nd Place    $150 Gift Certificate

3rd Place     $100 Gift Certificate

4th Place     $75 Gift Certificate