Welcome to the Southern Alberta Amateur Event Portal



Thank you for playing in the 2021 Southern Alberta Amateur.  In this section you will find your tee times (make sure you select the correct round).  There is also an Analytics page where you can see statistics from the weekend.  Below you will find the rules sheet for the weekend.  Play well and have fun!


If you wish to play for the individual gross and net competition YOU MUST HOLE OUT ALL PUTTS IN ROUND 2


2021 SAA Tournament RULES


1. Men's Division – Championship Flight, 1st Flight and 2nd Flight tee off BLUE, Men’s 3rd Flight tee off WHITE


2. Senior Division- Ages 50+(both players) - Play off the WHITE Mid Senior- 65+ (both players)  play off the GOLD


3. All ties will be decided by going back to final 18 holes played. The low gross the final day will be the winner of the gross tie breaker. The low net the final day will be the winner of the net.


4. If there's a tie for overall championship (team or individual) a sudden death playoff will take place. Using-Best Ball


5. Out of Bounds: All white staked areas as well as boundary fences surrounding the course. If a golf ball goes OB you must play from original spot (local rule) If you think the ball is OB, please hit a provisional and clarify which ball is in play


6. Obstructions: The rock bed and or wall at the back of hole #18 & all 150 yard rocks; free relief no closer to the hole if it interferes with swing and/or stance only.


7.If your ball is any tree root on the course, it’s free relief (stance and swing) no closer to the hole.


8. Free relief from waste area on #3 and #14 no closer to the hole.


9.  Horse race will be top 10 teams (gross) and played from the white tees Sunday afternoon.


10. In case of a rules dispute , play both the original and a second ball. All decisions will be made by golf professionals Cam Waldbauer or Dylan Wood Meal will be after your round on Saturday,  Horse Race will begin 3:30pm on Sunday