Welcome to the PWGA Legacy Event Pages and Registration Portal

All female NCGA members are invited to play in these events


The Portal is a great tool that allows our tournament and event participants to access information about their event anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to back and forth emails and phone tag as everything is now in one convenient location.


To have access to all information, golfers must either be registered for their event on GolfGenius and sign in with a username and password, or sign in with a GolfGeniusID (GGID) provided by the event manager.


What is PWGA? 

Pacific Women's Golf Association (PWGA) was founded in 1947 to serve women golfers playing public courses in Northern California.   Learn More Here


What happened to the PWGA?

In 2019, the memberships of PWGA and Women's Golf Associaion of Northern California (WGANC) voted to dissolve as separate women’s associations, and to unify with the Northern California Golf Association  (NCGA) effective January 1, 2020.  


Why are these tournaments called Legacy Events? 

These events established by the PWGA will carry on through the unification with NCGA.  The Legacy of the PWGA will continue through these historic events.