Tee times are released for the league 10 days in advance at 8:00am.  You can sign up to 4 players (including yourself) at a time.  Yankee Trace reserves the right to move players around to optimize the tee times for the other league players.


1.  Log into Golf Genius with your username and email address or use the unique GGID sent to you at the beginning of the league.


2.  Go to the pairings section at the top of the page in the blue box.


3.  Click on the section the says Make Tee Time Here and then the option of Tee Time Reservations.  The tee times for the following week will appear.


4.  Select the tee time you would like.


5.  If you are signing up multiple players, select the tab at the top that says register other members.  It will have to click that section multiple times to display other players names for the league.  It will give you 15 minutes to get the other players names into the tee times before it opens up to other golfers.


6.  Once you have signed up for your tee time, hit the done button at the bottom.