The Rules of Golf require that a player must not unreasonably delay play when playing a hole or between two holes (Rule 5.6a). Rule 5.6b(3) states, in part: “To encourage and enforce prompt pace of play, the Committee should adopt a Local rule setting a Pace of Play Policy. This Policy may set a maximum time to complete a round, a hole or series of holes and a stroke, and it may set penalties for not following this Policy.” In accordance with Rule 5.6b(3), B.C. Golf has adopted the following Pace of Play Policy.


Allotted Time


Each group is allotted a specific amount of time to complete a group of holes and the stipulated round at a pace in accordance with the applicable course’s Pace of Play Time Chart. A Pace of Play Time Chart will be established at each course for groups of two players or three players. When a group falls out of position, regardless of the reason, it must regain its position. Time for ball searches, rulings, and walking time between holes is also included in the allotted time.


Checkpoints: Four checkpoint holes will be designated throughout the course. For this course, holes #4, #9, #13 and #18 will be the designated checkpoint holes. Play of a checkpoint hole is deemed completed when all players in the group have completed play of the hole and the flagstick has been replaced in the hole after the last player’s ball is holed and/or if the last player makes a stroke with the flagstick in the hole, as soon as his or her ball is holed AND the ball is removed from the hole (flag in time).



Note: If a group or player incurs a penalty, the penalty will be applied to the checkpoint hole where the breach occurred.


Definition of “Out of Position”


First Group: The first group (off the 1st and 10th holes, both morning and afternoon) to start will be considered out of position if, at any time during the round, they exceed the time allotted to complete a checkpoint hole, as detailed on the applicable course’s Pace of Play Time Chart. This includes a first group after a Starter’s Time.


Note: In the event of a split-tee draw (starting on both holes #1 and #10), the first group to start off each tee (#1 and #10) or the first following a Starters Time becomes a “following group” when they are delayed at any time by the last group to start from the opposite tee or the last group before a Starter’s Time.


Following Groups: A following group is out of position if it:


A. takes more than the allotted time to complete a checkpoint hole AND


B. completes play of a checkpoint hole more than 14 minutes (14:59) after the preceding group completed play of that hole.

Time charts outlining the time per hole, including the finish times for the checkpoint holes are on the scorecard. Times allotted for each hole, are given on the hole location sheets.




When a group is out of position at any checkpoint, all the players in the group are liable to the following schedule of penalties, pending final determination of whether a breach or breaches of these guidelines have occurred:


• 1st missed checkpoint – warning

• 2nd missed checkpoint – liable to a penalty of one stroke

• 3rd missed checkpoint – liable to the general penalty

• 4th missed checkpoint – liable to disqualification.


Note: If a group clears the 3rd checkpoint and has not received a warning at a previous checkpoint hole, but is out of position at the final checkpoint, each player in the group is liable to a penalty of one stroke if no effort was made by the players to complete their round within the allotted time for the final checkpoint.


Note: In circumstances where the Committee deems fit, the general penalty under Rule 5.6a may still apply.