Welcome to the Encinitas Ranch Women's Golf Club


The Club plays on Tuesdays, with tee times available between 7:30 and 10:03a.m. 

For play dates and tee time sign up open and close dates go to Calendar > ERWGC 2022 Calendar


Tee times may be moved or cancelled by the player on the website until Monday 8am, day before play date (24 hours).  Please call the Pro Shop to cancel after Monday 8am (760) 944-1936, option 2.


If you are interested in joining the club go to:  






Good news! The SCGA offers a rebate program for golfers who are members of more than one SCGA club.

For the 2022 membership year, anyone who is a member of the SCGA through more than one club is eligible to receive a rebate directly from the SCGA for any dues they pay the SCGA that exceed $55. The individual must be a multi-member for a minimum of 60 days.

The SCGA charges $36 per member per club. Therefore, the rebate breakdown is as follows:

·Members of two clubs? They're eligible to receive $17 back.

·Members of three clubs? They're eligible to receive $53 back.

·Members of four or more clubs? The rebate check will increase in increments of $36 per club.






All rebate requests will be reconciled monthly AFTER the memberships have been verified for 60 days. The SCGA will review each rebate request individually in order to ensure that all members receive the proper rebate.



Your Sweeps Proshop Gift Card balance can be found under the RESULTS tab

Use your Sweeps money for JC Cards and shop merchandise.  

Tell the golf shop staff you'd like to use your sweeps money. 



Pace of Play Pledge
We ask that all groups commit to
the following pace-of-play standards: 

Tee Times:

Before 8am – 4 Hours or less

8am – 9am – 4 hours, 15 minutes or less

After 9am – 4 hours, 30 minutes or less


Be considerate and play without delay!


Keep up with the group ahead of you

After putting out, proceed to the next tee and record the scores

Minimize your time on the tee

Save your conversation for between shots

Play ready golf

Pay close attention to when it’s your turn to hit. Take no longer than 20 seconds for your entire pre-shot routine.  Take no more than one practice swing.

Cart and club management

Cooperation between cart partners is helpful.  Park strategically, walk to your ball with a couple of clubs and get ready to hit.



JC Golf Policy - Rate Notice Reminder:

You must be a resident of Encinitas or a current JC Player to

pay the Ladies' Club rate of $50/riding, $45/walking, $60/single cart.

(One-time exception is made for first-time guests)

JC Guest Rate of $66 will otherwise apply.