The Preserve GC

   Monday, April 23   

ENTRY/WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE: Sunday, April 15th at 8:59 PM
ENTRY FEE: $395 per person; includes golf, cart, range, closest to the hole prizes, and boxed lunch                                    

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS:  Straight tee time start off the #1 tee beginning at 8 a.m.


The Preserve GC is a very exclusive club, with limited on-site parking. Players are strongly urged to carpool to the course in groups of 2-4. Individuals who sign up as a single will be asked to carpool with other players, likely meeting at NCGA headquarters and driving together from there.

By registering for this event, you are agreeing to take sole financial responsibility for any damages that you may cause. This includes, but is not limited to; damage to golf cart(s), the building facility, the course, or any bodily harm resulting in your actions. The NCGA, nor the facility, will be held liable for your personal actions.
· The Preserve GC is a very exclusive club. We are fortunate to have them on our calendar this year. Any player not displaying proper conduct at this event may be asked to leave the grounds, and may be restricted from participating in future events.
· The Preserve GC is a NO smoking facility. The Preserve is a NO cell phone on course facility. The Preserve is a no denim, no cargo short facility. Players who do not abide by these rules will be asked to leave.
· A boxed lunch will be provided with your round.
· The 90 degree cart path rule will be in effect for this event, unless weather restricts.

· These events are created to provide NCGA members an opportunity to play a great facility they would not have access to, or a quality resort course. All events are intended to be a fun and social opportunity for NCGA members to play golf with scores being posted as non-tournament.
· You do not need a team or another person to play with. You can register as an individual and you will play with other participants of similar ability. We will do the best we can to pair similarly skilled players together. If you have a specific request as to who to play with, please note it in registration.
· All Members-Only Outings will require that participants display proper golf etiquette and behaviors. This would include no denim, no cut-off clothing, the removal of hats when inside facility buildings and no foul language. Players could be given further prohibitions as the club sees fit but those will be provided in the player e-mail. The NCGA does have the right to remove anyone for not abiding by these rules at any time. Being removed from property would result in the loss of all funds.
· The cancellation date is Sunday, April 15th for a cancellation fee of 10% of the total entry paid. Any cancellation inside of this date is subject to a loss of all funds unless a replacement can be found.
· Cancellations can be done up until 8:59 p.m. on April 15th. All cancellations need to be submitted by the player, online, through their registration account.


Please contact for further assistance