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"No member with GHIN # "XXX_XXX". Please retry!"

Reasons Why You Will Receive This Message:

1. You have entered an incorrect GHIN #.
Please double check that you have the correct GHIN number.


2. Your GHIN # is inactive.
Contact your Mass Golf member club to have them activate you in the club's handicap system.


3. If your Handicap Index reads "NH," this means that you have not entered enough scores to generate a handicap index.

You will need to post a minimum of 5 scores to have the system calculate an index for you.


"The email that you entered is already associated with a user record. Please enter the current password. If you cannot remember your password, please use the link below.
Forgot your password?"

Reasons Why You Will Receive This Message:

1. You have created a username and password in the past.


2. You have already created a username and password in your home club's or another associations version of Tournament Management.

Answer: Use this existing Username and Password to log into the Mass Golf Event Registration.


If you have forgotten that password, click on the "Forgot Your Password" link to reset your password.

"Email is not recognized"

Reasons Why You Will Receive This Message:

1. You have not created a profile yet.
Everyone must create a profile in the new system. Please click the "
Click Here to Register" link before you attempt to log-in for the first time.


2. You are not using the email address that you created your account with.
Retry logging in with the correct email address


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If you have any additional questions, please contact Kevin Eldridge - keldridge@massgolf.org - (774) 430-9103