1. To receive funding players MUST participate in their respective National Championship for which they are earned the subsidy.
  2. Players may access funding for multiple National Championships, provided they are “age eligible” and meet the qualification standards as outlined above.
  3. Players are responsible to make their own arrangements for tournament registration, travel, and accommodations.




    Quota / Exemption Position Guidelines
    • In 2022 Golf Canada has awarded Golf NB the following exemptions into their various National Championships;
      • Canadian Senior Men's Championship - 5
      • Canadian Men's Mid-Amateur Championship - 6
        • Note: Three (3) Exemptions into the Canadian Men's Mid-Amateur Championship will be awarded as part of the NB Men's Amateur Championship.
      • Canadian Men's Amateur Championship - 8


PLEASE NOTE: Model Local Rule G-10  is NOT IN EFFECT during Golf NB Provincial Championships however, it IS IN EFFECT during all Golf Canada National Championships. 


*Model Local Rule G-10 is in effect at all National Amateur Championships (including qualifying rounds) and RBC Canadian Open qualifying competitions. In making a stroke, the player must not use a club, except for a putter, which exceeds 46 inches in length. Penalty for making a stroke with a club in breach of this Local Rule: Disqualification