Individual Low Gross-Low Net

5-Clubs Only


Saddle Rock Golf Course

September 17, 2022

Starting tee time 8:00am



Format:   Individual Low Gross-Low Net (can use ONLY 5 Clubs)

  • Four flights formed by the player’s USGA handicap. Flight Order 3-2-1-4
  • The Lowest Gross Score and the Lowest Net Score in each flight wins.
    • A player can win in only one category – Gross or Net


Handicaps:  100% of the player’s handicap.


Tees:       Flight 1                           Black Markers

                Flights 2 and 3               Blue Markers

                Flight 4                           White Markers


Tournament Directions: 

If in Doubt Play a Provisional Ball

Play Within 40 Seconds When It Is Your Turn


  • Record each player’s Gross Score on each hole
  • Record each player's Gross Score on the Scorecard and in the Mobile App.
  • Play the ball as it lies:
    • If a ball goes into a footprint in the sand, the player may smooth the sand and place the ball on the sand (When done rake the sand)



  • Verify each player's Hole by Hole Gross Score on the Scorecard and Mobile App 
  • Scores will NOT BE POSTED


Closest to the Pin Proxies: $25 Credit Book

  • Par 3's Holes 5, 8, 14, and 16
  • Par 4's Closest Second Shot Holes 7 and 15





Optional Skins Game:  Skins paid by flight

  • Flights 1, 2, 3   -     Skins will be based on player's Gross Score for each hole.
  • Flight  4            -     Skins will be based on player's Net Score for each hole.


Skin winnings will be paid using PayPal


All Rounds are to be completed by the time indicated on the scorecard

Time-Stamp the timecard that is on the back of the scorecard 

recording the group's actual start time, arrival time at the 16th tee,

as well as at the completion of #9 and #18 holes (Before Totaling Scores)


Results will be posted on the website