Britt Sloan MAPGA Scramble

This is NOT a Player of the Year Points Event


Eligibility: Middle Atlantic PGA Section Members (Excluding A-3 and Inactive) and Associates with playing privileges. All must be in good standing as of the tournament entry deadline and tournament date. 


Compensation Survey:  ALL PLAYERS must complete the compensation survey in order to play in the event.  CLICK HERE to fill out the survey


Team Entry Fee: $380 per Team. 


Top 21 Rule: For team events, the Top 10 in the Open POY Category, Top 5 in Senior POY Category, Top 5 in APA POY Category and Top 1 in Women’s POY Category CANNOT play together.  This is the list being used for 2022 Scramble Championship:

  • Gross, Larkin
  • Delmar, Steve
  • Joo, Yong
  • O'Leary, John
  • McConnell, Ian
  • Speight, Josh
  • English, Sean
  • Hoffman, Billy
  • Ritter, Tim
  • Thorne, Troy
  • Schuller, Rick
  • McGrath, Brendan
  • Schultz, Dirk
  • Estes, Jim
  • Lewis, Tim
  • O'Connor, Kevin
  • Zylstra, Ryan
  • Coe, Joanna


Start Times: Shotgun at 10 AM


Format: 27 holes, consisting of three nine-hole stipulated rounds using the scramble format. 


Tees: There will be four sets of tees.  1) Men age 49 and under.  2) Men age 50-69 will play 93% of Men 49U tees.  3) Women age 49 and under & Men 70 and older will play 85% of Men 49U tees.  4) Women  age 50-69 will play 79% of Men 49U Tees.  This means that men age 70 and over will play "up" from the other senior men. 

Ties: There will be only one purse. Time permitting, a tie for first place only shall be decided by a sudden death playoff beginning immediately following completion of play. All other ties shall split prize money.

Optional Contests:  There will be an optional $100.00 per team Players Pool (30% of Players Pool entrants paid) and an optional $40 per team skins game. The skins game will be a 27-hole event, not three 9-hole events.