The Delaware Springs Masters Tournament


When:  April 10, 2022 – 12:00 Shotgun Start


Where:  Delaware Springs Golf Course


Who:  This event is OPEN to all golfers.   Limited to the first 36 teams to sign up.


Entry Fee:  $70 per guest, $30 per member.


Format and Handicapping: 2 Man scramble, draw at random a Masters player and combine your scramble score with your Masters player score to create your team total.  There will be a DOUBLE BOGEY max and we’ll use the USGA recommended handicapping of 35% of the low and 15% of the high index.   If you don’t have a verifiable index you will play as a 0 handicap.    


Tees: If you’re under 59 you will play the BLUE TEES, if you are 60 – 69 you will play the WHITE TEES, over 70 you will play the GOLD tees, Ladies will play the RED tees. 


Payouts:  Gross and Net places will be paid out in gift cards with a Gross bias.  If you win Gross, you can’t win Net.  The number of places paid out is dependent on the number of players signed up.   Closest to the pin on #7 and #13 paid out in gift cards. 


All registration will be done through Golf Genius at the below link.


Live scoring will be done for this event and awards will be done at the Pavilion.


** You will draw at random your MASTERS player when you check in for the tournament.   There will be an optional redraw for $20 if you don’t like the player you picked.  **