Player Roster

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Entry # Handle Will you be attending the Draft Party March 23rd? Branch of Service?
1 Glaspy, Mike Yes Air Force
2 Birkhauser, Dave Yes Draft
3 Dillenback, Darryl Yes Draft
4 Dailey, Mike No Draft
5 Sellgren, Jim Yes Draft
6 Blackwell, Walt No Air Force
7 Apodaca, Mike No Army
8 Rowand, Sean Yes Air Force
9 Lannon, Art Yes Navy
10 Lichtenberger, Jack No Marine
11 Davison, Ted Yes Draft
12 Hemingway, Jim Yes Draft
13 Nussbaum, Tom Yes Draft
14 Pryor, Jim No Draft
15 Weltmann, Nick No Navy
16 Wurst, Andy No Army
17 Ross, Steve Yes Navy
18 Schaub, Bernie No Marine
19 Mardigian, Charlie No Air Force
20 Hoffecker, Fred Yes Marine
21 Herring, Hal No Draft
22 Havenstein, Walt No Marine
23 Tateosian, Ed No Army
24 Sankey, Bob Yes Navy
25 Harper, Doug No Draft
26 Rudzitis, Johann No Air Force
27 Robertson, Bruce Yes Draft
28 Fassett, Allen Yes Army
29 Spangler, Perry Yes Army
30 Slate, Jim Yes Army
31 Mooney, Chris Yes Army
32 Nehlsen, Pete Yes Marine
33 Rutherford, Jerry Yes Army
34 Marrale, Chuck Yes Air Force
35 Gordon, Vince Yes Army
36 Smith, David Yes Air Force
37 Niedermaier, Dave Yes Navy
38 Petersen, Gary Yes Marine
39 Pozdol, Bill No Draft
40 Hancock, Mike No Air Force
41 Pike, Dwight Yes Draft
42 Slavin, Jim Yes Army
43 Carroll, Kevin Yes Army
44 Burnat, Larry No Marine
45 Rotondo, Larry No Draft
46 Schnare, Richard No Air Force
47 Belford, Jim Yes Navy
48 Simone, Rocco Yes Draft
49 Bradley, Don Yes Draft
50 Lach, Bernie Yes Draft
51 Hmel, Mike Yes Army
52 MacConnachie, Brian No Draft
53 Jones, Paul No Navy
54 Rackowski, Ed No Army
55 Nosenchuk, Bob Yes Draft
56 Beglin, Bob Yes Draft
57 Robinson, Kevin Yes Draft
58 Watt, Bob Yes Draft
59 Dell'aglio, Dave Yes Draft
60 Vandersloot, Caird No Marine
61 Weber, Bob Yes Draft
62 Grieshaber, Rick No Air Force
63 Gaudreault, Ken Yes Draft
64 Leech, Lynn No Draft
65 Mott, Gary Yes Draft
66 Flack, John Yes Navy
67 Gabarra, Fred No Draft
68 Bell, Harold No Army
69 Reutter, Bob Yes Draft
70 Collins, Terry No Draft
71 O'Toole, John Yes Draft
72 Leggett, Steve Yes Navy
73 Krasicky, Gary No Air Force
74 Slocum, John Yes Draft
75 Felice, Steve No Draft
76 Voetsch, Mark No Draft
77 Leonard, Bill No Navy
78 Schneiter, George No Draft
79 D'onle, Lee No Draft
80 Pieczynski, Ed Yes Navy
81 Bishop, Frank Yes Draft
82 Cecka, Tom No Draft
83 Novak, Jan No Army
84 Behnke, Bob No Army
85 Young, Jim No Army
86 Chuderewicz, Bob No Army
87 O'Day, Tom Yes Draft
88 Kepler, Rob Yes Draft
89 Baldwin, Miles No Air Force
90 Young, Michael No Army
91 Steere, Rich Yes Draft
92 Medlock, Gene Yes Draft
93 Watterworth, George No Air Force
95 Appleman, Don Yes Draft
96 Bruun-Andersen, John No Marine
97 Schreiber, Doug No Draft
98 Sanborn, Brett Yes Army
99 Scott, Tom Yes Navy
100 Smith, Bruce Yes Draft
101 Moore, Tim No Marine
102 Fulcher, Cal No Draft
103 Moddle, Jeff No Air Force
104 Moon, Jim Yes Army
105 Summers, Bill No Draft
106 Smith, Lance Yes Air Force
107 Sykora, Tim No Draft
108 Maresca, Keith No Air Force
109 Jacobs, Tim Yes Draft
110 Dahlberg, Eric No Draft
111 Connors, Bruce No Air Force
112 Rife, Ken Yes Draft
113 Boesch, John Yes Air Force
114 Riney, Terry No Draft
115 Condon, John - Navy
116 Blackwood, Jim - -