Thursday PM Men's League  2022 Season





Welcome to the Thursday PM Men's League, the season will run from April 28 - September 29/22.


League fees are $77.55, green fees are $28 walking, $38 riding (shared cart). Register at top of


page under Registration, once paid you will automatically be added to the players roster.


The league consists of two tournaments, weekly closest to pin and bonus draw contests,


handicapping system and season ending low gross, low net champions and a FedEx


Cup winner. You will pick your Tee Times through Open Tee Times weekly, pick any open spots


and get to know the league members.  Rules: No GIMMES, #6 Meadow and #4 Creek drop zone


on other side of pond, #7 Meadow first tree line is the boundry line, right of it free lift back to


fairway no penalty, left of it 1 penalty stroke lateral hazard. No out of bounds markers on the


course, treat out of bounds as a lateral hazard with 1 penalty stroke. When bunkers are


unplayable ( determined before the round) keep bunker between you and green. Two


players per cart when riding. Online scoring through the Golf Genius App (go to Using Live


Scoring section above for instructions). Always keep paper backup. New members always


welcome any questions email: