1. Practice:
  1. A courtesy practice round, for competitors only (when only one ball may be played) is offered at Fairhaven on Thursday 28th April 2022, between 9am and 4.00pm.
  2. Starting times must be booked online through the Tournament Portal. If you experience issues with booking your practice round, please contact the Office on +44 (0) 1253 736741 (Option 2). Times for the official practice round can be booked after 5pm on Wednesday 20th April 2022.
  3. Competitors are not permitted to practice on the course during the week of the tournament apart from the official practice day, which is stated above.
  4. There is a practice range and chipping/bunker green at Fairhaven where competitors may use the golf balls provided and collected by the Club. For safety reasons balls must be struck from the designated areas and competitors must not use their own balls or collect balls that have been struck.  On competition days competitors will be allocated balls prior to play.  Any additional balls required after play maybe purchased from the Professional.
  1. Caddies: Caddies must be under the age of 18 at 00:00hrs on 1st January in the year in which the Championship is to be played.  Penalty for breach of condition c): Two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred.  Maximum of four strokes per round
  2. Registration: Competitors are requested to register from 7.00am on Friday 29th April 2022.
  3. Dress: Dress in the Clubhouse is smart casual
  4. Catering: A full Clubhouse service and menu (breakfast, lunch & tea) will be available from 06.15 on all competition days. Food service will stop at 20:00, with last orders being 19.45.
  5. Mobile Phones: The use of mobile phones as a telephone is not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the course at any time, with the exception of use to call a referee or report an emergency.
  6. Prizes and Vouchers:
  • The Fairhaven Trophies – The trophies will remain in the possession of Fairhaven Golf Club. The boy and girl winners of the championships will each receive a commemorative silver medal.  Prize vouchers shall be given for leading places, the value and number of which will be determined by the Championship Committee.
  • The Fairhaven Trophy Nations Cup – The trophy will remain in the possession of Fairhaven Golf Club.  The members of the winning team shall each receive a commemorative medal.
  1. Presentation:
  • The Fairhaven Trophies – All prize winners are expected to attend the prize presentation, which will take place shortly after play on Sunday is completed.  Prize winners are expected to be suitably attired.