Congratulations to 


2022 Men's Night Champion!

Thanks to everyone for a great season! See you in 2023!



Men's Night Closing Saturday - Week 21 and 22 - September 17th, 2022

Sponsored by Meridian Credit Union - Martin O'Connor and Jason Fear


Congratulations to Darren Fritz for his Hole in One on #3








Week 20 - September 15th, 2022 - Sponsored by Bar Down 


Congratulations to Jason Reid on his 1st Hole in One (3rd Hole)





Week 19 - September 8th, 2022 - Sponsored by Montgomery Ford


Thanks to Craig Beck and his representatives that are coming out to play - Gord Kemp, Ron Cook, Chris Grieve and Mike Schmidt!



Week 18 - September 1st, 2022 - Sponsored by John Kolias and Johnny K Sports



Congratulations to Sandy MacDonald for his Hole In One on the 7th hole this Thursday!


Sandy shot a 38 and scored 22 points but had to settle for a 2nd place finish thanks to his playing partner Ralph Bruce shooting a fantasic 38 as well for 25 points and finishing in 1st place.


Thanks again to Johnny K Sports - For the Love of the Game for sponsoring another great day!




Week 17 - August 25th, 2022




Week 16 - August 18th, 2022 - Sponsored by Dave Patterson and Re/Max

and Teeswater Concrete






Week 15 - August 11th, 2022 - Sponsored by Bob Surridge and Partake Brewing





Week 14 - August 4th, 2022 - Sponsored by Todd Farrell and Miller Insurance



Congratulations to Jamie Bate for his Hole in One on #3!



Congratulations to Jamie Bate for his Hole in One on #3 last Thursday at men's night. Jamie ended up scoring a 36 for a whopping 27 points and a 1st place finish. Sean Morris continued to play well, finishing in 2nd place after shooting a 37 for 22 points. Thanks again to Miller Insurance and Todd Farrell for sponsoring. The lucky winner of the Blue Jays tickets was Mike Rock!




Week 13 - July 28th 2022 - Sponsored by JBs MEN


It's been a while, but i couldn't help myself this week. Congratulations to Stuart "Swayze" Gaudet for scoring 38 for 25 points and ripping the throats out of 86 other golfers for a 1st place finish. Jason Holt, Mark Morton, Sam Tomaini and Jamie Bate scored a "Double Deuce" (22 points) but had to settle for a 2nd place tie.


Week 12 - July 21th, 2022 - Sponsored by BOSTON PIZZA



Congratulations to Mark Morton for his Hole In One on #7




End of the 1st Half - Week 11 - July 14th, 2022 - Sponsored by Shewfelt Financial





Week 10 - July 7th, 2022 - Sponsored by Steam Whistle




Week 9 - June 30th, 2022 - Sponsored by Chris Dunlop and Kincardine Home Hardware




Week 8 - June 23rd, 2022 - Sponsored by B&W Appliances - Dan McFadden






Week 7 - June 16, 2022 - Sponsored by Grey Matter Beer Company (





Week 6 - June 9, 2022 - Sponsored by LiUNA Local 1059




A storm blew in and we had to take a break due to the weather but when we got back out there the golf was hotter than ever. Jake Colley shot a sizzling 32 (-4) for 24 points but it wasn't enough as Dr. Damian Gunaratne had to give himself mouth to mouth after firing a shocking round of 44 for 25 points and a 1st place tie with Ross Thompson who also scored 25 points with a round of 49.




Week 5 - June 2, 2022 - Sponsored by Sushi Won


Week 5 Results



Week 4 - May 26, 2022 - Sponsored by The Kings Pearl 



Week 4 Results


Shayne McCarthy shot the best round of his life last week, an even par 36 (and actually just missed his putt on #9 for a 35) for a net 24 and a whopping 30 points! Congratulations on such a good round Shayne!!

Unfortunately overshadowed, Eric MacLeod shot the lights out as well, shooting 38 for a net score of 29 and 25 points for a 2nd place finish.


Top 8 Winners

POS   Name                    PTS  Winnings

1        Shayne McCarthy   30     $30.00

2        Eric MacLeod          25     $25.00

3        David Patterson      24     $20.00

4        Darren Fritz            23      $15.00

5        Dan McCormick      23     $14.00

6        Paul Kittel               22     $13.00

7       Gord Howse            22     $12.00

8       Jay Bell                   22      $11.00


Although it was a shitty, rainy kinda night we ended up with 94 members and 6 guests for 100 total golfers.


Closest to the Pin - #3 Jordan Bell and #7 Shayne McCarthy


50/50 winner - $47 - Andy Ferguson


$25 Vouchers - Jordan Bell, Lee Calcutt, Craig DuPre and Mike Rock


Thanks again to the King's Pearl for sponsoring!


Week 3 May 19, 2022 - Sponsored by Patz Pizza




May 12, 2022 Week 2 Sponsor - The Hawgs Breath



Week 1 Results


I'm still getting the hang of the system so this will be more of a test and a straight forward report on the results from Week 1. 


Congratulations to Don McGregor for winning the first night of the year. Don shot 41 and ended up with 24 points. Noel Quinn was right behind him in 2nd place with 23 points and in 3rd place was Ian "Bootsy" Colley, who was having his career best round until it derailed on the 9th hole when he took an 11. Top 8 finishers are below. All results can be seen by clicking the Stableford / Ringer Board / Skins tab at the top of the page. I've also added the Skins winners below for this week but going forward they can all be found under the same tab. 


We'll still do our weekly draws for 4 x $25 amounts that will be added to the winner's accounts. The winners this week were: MARK MORTON, PHIL GAUTHIER, JOHN NOTHER and JEFF ZETTLE. 


We actually had 91 members out so the 50/50 is for $45.50 and the winner is JAY BELL (not rigged, I swear). 




Pos. Player Total Points Purse

Don McGregor

24 $30.00

Noel Quinn

23 $25.00

Ian Colley

22 $20.00

Ethan Primeau

20 $15.00

Scott Hogan

19 $14.00

Jason Holt

19 $13.00

Tom Uzzell

19 $12.00

Craig DuPre

19 $11.00



A Flight

Player Skins Purse Details

Jake Colley

1 $41.67 Eagle on 2

Jeff Burrows

1 $41.67 Birdie on 7

Bill Shewfelt

1 $41.67

Birdie on 8



B Flight


  Player Skins Purse

Ken Davey

1 $9.00 Birdie on 3

Terry Vangaver

1 $9.00 Par on 5

Don McGregor

1 $9.00 Birdie on 6

Scott Hogan

1 $9.00 Birdie on 8

Peter Wolfe

1 $9.00 Birdie on 9


C Flight

Player Skins Purse Details

Butch Zettle

1 $52.50 Birdie on 3

Steve Bell

1 $52.50 Birdie on 4


D Flight

Player Skins Purse Details

Ian Colley

2 $55.00 Birdie on 2, Par on 6

Dan West

2 $55.00 Birdie on 3, Par on 9

Shayne McCarthy

1 $27.50 Birdie on 1

Thomas Vickery

1 $27.50 Birdie on 4



Welcome to the 2022 Men's Night Portal



Kincardine Golf Club - Men’s Night League 2022



Men’s League is a weekly event organized for members of the Kincardine Golf Club by volunteer members of the club and held on Thursday nights from May to September.  Tee-times are blocked off on these days at 12:00pm – 6:00pm (may be adjusted) to provide members with a dedicated time that they can play golf and socialize with other members. Guests are welcome and can be invited to play but must play with at least one member in their group. Regular, non-invited, green-fee players are not accepted during the Men’s League time period.


Member Costs: Each member pays $10 per evening which contributes towards:


  • Weekly 50/50 draw (proceeds to junior golf).
  • Weekly, quarterly, and yearly prize amounts.
  • Hole-in-one insurance
  • Other Men’s League expenses – scoring system, ads, interactive website, etc.


Optional Costs

  • $5 Weekly Skins (Optional)


Member Benefits


  • Dedicated, private tee-time bookings from 12:00pm – 6:00pm
  • 7 day advanced bookings for tee-times.
  • Scores are recorded, calculated and organized based our Men’s League scoring system.
  • Prizes are given for the top point-scoring golfers during the evening and at the year end.
  • Hole-In-One Protection
  • Corporate Sponsors (not guaranteed) are organized to provide additional prizes for golfers that play and remain during the evening.
  • League scores, results, news, etc. available on-line.
  • Facebook Page – Kincardine Golf Club Men’s Night – news, photos and more.


Guest Costs

Guests are welcome. Each guest pays a regular nine-hole green fee. Note: Guests do not qualify or pay for the Point Scoring System or the 50/50 draw. Guests can win Evening Sponsor Prizes if they are present during the draw.


*For any questions please see members of the Men’s League Committee (Jay Hitchcock, Tony Swift, Jay Bell and Bill Shewfelt).


How Men’s Night League Works - 2021


  1. Format

Men's Night League is based on a Net Stableford System. All players start each night with 0 points and receive strokes based on their 9 Hole Handicap. (For example, a player with an 18 hole handicap of 12 would receive 6 strokes for 9 Holes). The strokes are then designated to the holes based on their difficulty (Using our example – the player would receive strokes on #5, #6, #2, #8, #9 and #1.  A Player then earns points based on their net hole-by-hole score for 9 holes. (Example:  Our player gets a bogey on #1, his stroke gives him a net par and therefore 2 points.)


  1. How are Points awarded?

Points are recorded as follows: Net Bogey = 1 point; Net Par = 2 points; Net Birdie = 3 points; Net Eagle = 4 points; Net Double Eagle = 5 points.

This year there are negative points (-1) for a NET double bogey or worse.


  1. What's my Handicap?

A separate Men’s Night League handicap is calculated each week and is based on your best 4 Men's Night League Scores in the last 7. It will be based on actual handicap calculations using the slope and rating of our course. Initially, your handicap will be based on your year-end “average-strokes-above-par” from last year. For new members, your handicap will be based on a suitable handicap. Your current handicap will be shown on the Golf Scoring system.


  1. Are there Flights?

Due to the handicapping, our new system allows all players to compete equally with all other players – no matter their skill level. As such, nightly results, quarterly standing and yearly totals will be based on a single flight made up of all participants. The SKINS AND RINGER BOARD will be the only aspects of our league that will continue to be flighted A, B, C, D - since these are based on gross scoring results.


  1. Tee Blocks.

Men’s Night League is played from the Blue tee blocks. All A Flighters must play from the BLUES. If you are 65 or older and in B, C or D Flight you will have the option to play from the WHITE Tee blocks. (You must play the same tee blocks each week and cannot switch back and forth).


  1. Prizes. Each week, the top 8 golfers based on their Net Stableford point total will receive nightly Men’s Night League prizes. There will also be prizes for quarterly leaders and at the year there will be overall prizes based on your finishing position. A year-long Ringer Board winner for each flight will also be given at year-end.


  1. What if I don't complete a Hole?

You can pick up at any time –  simply putting a Quadruple Bogey on the scorecard works for handicap purposes.


  1. How many Men's Night League nights are there?

In 2022 there will be total of 22 Men's Night League Rounds in the season. There will be 20 Thursday night’s throughout the summer and a final 18 hole Closing Day on a Saturday that counts as 2 rounds.


  1. How many Men's Night League nights count towards the final Total

In 2021, your best 18 rounds count towards your year total. (i.e. You can miss up to 4 and your score is not affected).


  1. How does “Skins” work?

“Skins” is available to Members only and remains Flighted A, B, C, D based on your handicap.  Participation in the Skins is voluntary. Entry fee is $5 per week.


This is an on-going, member friendly scoring system that we have been developing and progressing throughout the years. We always appreciate your patience and especially your feedback.


Lastly, Weather 

Men's night will be played rain or shine. A day will only be cancelled if either there is thunder and lighting that will not subside throughout the evening in time to allow everyone to finish their round or if the amount of rainfall or weather received makes the golf course unplayable. If all groups are not physically* able to complete their round then all scores will be cancelled. (*Voluntary withdrawal does not count)



Golf bless us, everyone!