TYGA One-Day at Country Club of Whispering Pines

June 12, 2018

Tournament Information



Eligibility: TYGA members who are 8-18 years of age as of June 12, 2018 and have not started college.

Number of Players: 60

Starting Times: 11:00 am

Electronic Measuring Devices:  Players may use an approved measuring device during this event.

Caddies: Players must walk at all times, but may use a caddy.  Caddies must be 18 years of age or younger (no exceptions) and must walk at all times.

Prizes: Medals are awarded to each divisional winner, runner-up and second runner-up.

Withdrawals: If you cannot compete in the event, you must withdraw from the event by contacting the TYGA office at 910-673-1000 prior to the day of the tournament.  If you do not withdraw properly, you are considered a "no show" and you will be suspended from TYGA events for 1 year.

Practice Rounds: Practice rounds will be available one (1) week prior to the tournament for $25 per person.

Club Phone: 919-949-4320

Range Fees: Tournament day range fees paid by TYGA

Pull Carts:  CC of Whispering Pines does allow pull/push carts

Spectator Carts:  Spectator carts are allowed at a rate of $25 per cart.  Spectator carts are restricted to the cart path at all times.

Tournament of Champions:  Invitations for the Tournament of Champions will be extended to all division winners in each TYGA one day series event.  

Parent Policy:  Parents are encouraged to follow their child(ren).  We do ask that all parents remain on the cart path (roughs if no cart paths), unless assisting with the search for a golf ball.

Refund Policy: A $20 administrative fee will be charged to all withdrawals.



Tee Color


Course / Slope Rating

Boys' 16-18



70.8 / 129

Boys' 14-15



70.8 / 129

Boys' 12-13



68.7 / 122

Girls' 14-18



74.6 / 131

Girls' 12-13



71.1 / 120

11 and Under

Most Forward Tee    

*Yardages subject to change.