Welcome to the Men's League 2022






League Overview


Over the course of the Men's League regular season, each team will participate in 10 matches agasint teams within their flight. The format of each match will be 2v2 best ball and it will be scored using Match Play rules. This is an all net league and the number of strokes you receive in each match will be based on the lowest handicap in your group. Each hole won will give a team 1 point, each hole that is halved will give a team 0.5 points, and each hole lost will give a team 0 points. Each match is worth up to 9 points.


Teams have been flighted based on the overall combined handicap for the team and each week you will play a different team from within your flight. Each team will get a chance to play every team in their flight twice over the course of the regular season. Max Handicap Index will be set at 36.0.




If you or your partner are unable to make a week, it is your responsibility to find a sub. If you are having difficulties finding a sub, then the Pro Shop may be able to assist you in your search, but we should not be the first place that you look. I will be posting a sub list on this event page prior to the start of league. It is our hope that you can find a sub that is a member of Val Halla. However, given the limited number of member subs in the previous years, we will also allow non-member subs as a last resort. If you are having a non-member sub for either yourself or your partner, they will still be expected to pay a greens fee before playing in their match and they must have an active GHIN # through a MSGA Member Club.




At the conclusion of the regular season we will begin a 4-week, single elimination, playoff. The team from each flight with the highest point totals from the 10-week regular season will make it into the playoffs. In addition to those 10 teams, the 6 teams with the highest point totals that did not win their flight will also make it into the playoffs. Any ties within flights will be broken based on the head-to-head matches that the teams played during the regular season. If the point totals from the two matches are equal, then the second tiebreaker will be the winner of the second match, then the first match, and finally, if necessary, we will go back from 18-1 with the 18th hole being the last hole of the second match. If there are ties for the 6 additional spots, they will be broken by weekly point totals going back from week 10 to week 1. If that doesn't break the tie, then the team from the lower flight will move on.



Weekly Action


Each week, teams will have the option to get into the weekly action. The action fee will be $10 per team and all team winnings will be split evenly between the two partners. The action format will be Gross and Net Skins as well as 2-Ball Best Ball Gross and Net. I will send out a weekly signup for those that want to get into the action.


Online Scoring


All groups will be expected to use Golf Genius during the round to input their groups scores. There will be scorecards handed out in the Pro Shop prior to the round starting as well, however, the online scores will be considered the official scores. My recommendation is that one team keeps the online score and the other keeps a physical scorecard. Then at the end of the round, compare the two to make sure that the scores are the same. All online scores will be considered agreed upon and will not be changed after the round has completed. So please make sure to double-check them!


The Pro Shop will also be posting all scores to GHIN each week. Please do not post your scores as well. It will cause the Handicap Committee to have a lengthy task of deleting all double posts.


Cess Pool


As was the case in 2021, the 2022 Cess Pool will act as 3 separate events and will allow entry each week for those that get eliminated from the Playoffs. The Cess Pool formats will change each week, but will include some version of stroke play (best ball, stableford, quota, etc.). The entry fee will be $10/team each week.