2022 PING Pro Junior



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Holiday Park GC -  August 2, 2022   



Tuesday, August 2

Tee Times starting at 10:00 am, last Tee Time is 1:04 pm 



Professionals play their own ball from the Tees TBD

Senior Professionals may play from the Tees TBD

Female Professionals may play from the Tees TBD


Juniors will play a scramble:

- Ages 12 and under FORWARD tees

- Ages 13-14 Tees TBD

- Ages 15-18 or under 10 handicap regardless of age, Tees TBD


Scramble Rules: The player whose tee shot is chosen must play first. The other players may place a ball within one clublength. In doing so, you may not move out of a bunker or onto a green. Players may putt in any order.


Team Score: Is the best score between the Individual Pro and the Team Scramble score.


Local Rules - TBA


Event Purse - TBA



Visit the PING website - www.ping.com

Visit the Holiday Park GC website - www.saskatoon.ca