Welcome to the Tailgaters League Portal!



Your tee times are Thursdays from 5:00 - 6:00 pm. Weekly pairings will be assigned tee times. If the assigned time does not work for either team, there is flexibility within the 5-6 pm window as long as you contact each other and agree to the change. Please be flexible and accomodating as much as possible.


  • Best Ball format will be played with two player teams playing head to head matches. Best Ball is played as each player playing his own ball through the hole. The lowest net score (with handicap) of the two is the “team score” for the hole.
  • WHITE tees. (70+ have option to play SILVER and Ladies & 80+ have the option to play RED).
  • You may roll the ball with the club head a maximum of 6" in your own fairway no closer to the hole. The ball should be played “down” as you find it everywhere else.
  • Double Par plus any handicap strokes you receive for that hole will be the max score allowed on any one hole.
    We use nightly Subs, not makeup matches. Any sub who is not in our Ghin handicap system will play to a 0. All sub notifications should be called in to the golf shop at 937-592-4653 no later than 12 noon league day. League members are not eligible to sub during tournament.