This system works best using the Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser

Do not use Internet Explorer - you will have problems!




1.  After entering GHIN # and last name you receive the following message: 

No member with GHIN # "XXX_XXX".  Please retry!


  • There are 3 reasons why you might receive this message:
  1. You have simply typed in the wrong GHIN #.  Please double check that you have the correct number.
  2. If you are certain you have the correct number, then your handicap is inactive.  Please contact your home club to have them activate you in the club's handicap system.  Please be aware that this will not automatically activate you in the GHIN system - GHIN updates handicaps on the 1st and 15th of each month.  If your club activates you in the club system on the 4th day of the current month, your handicap will NOT become active in the GHIN system until the next revision date on the 15th of that month.
  3. If you are certain that you have the correct number AND that your are active in your club's handicap system, then you have not entered enough scores to generate a handicap index.  You will know this if your index reads NH. You will need to post a minimum of 5 scores to have the system calculate an index for you.  Be aware that the GHIN system will not generate this index until the next revision period following the date you post the required number of scores - whichever date comes first - the 15th of the current month or the 1st of the following month.



2.  After entering GHIN # and last name, you are brought to the registration page and you see the following message below your email address:​​​

The email you entered is already associated with a user record.

Please enter the current password. If you cannot remember your password,

please use the link below. 

Forgot your password?


  • This message should only show up in a very small number of cases.  If it happens to you there are two possible reasons:
  1. You were assigned as an event manager for one of the VGA tournaments in 2017.  This should only apply to any VGA directors who worked with the Tournament Management software in 2017.  You would use the same email address and password for your Tournament Registration that you used to log into the program last season.  If you do not remember your password, click on the blue "Forgot your password?" link and password reset options will be delivered to the email address shown in your profile.
  2. If you are not a VSWGA Director, then you either:
  • created a username and password already


  • created a username and password in your home club's version of Tournament Management Software
  • Use this existing Username and Password to log into the VSWGA Membership Registration portal and fill in the required information to complete your VSWGA membership registration.
  • If you forgot that password, click on the blue "Forgot Your Password" link to have password reset instructions emailed to the email address in your profile.


3.  I am getting the message "Email is not recognized":


  • There are two reasons you might receive this message:
    1. You are trying to log in without having created a profile yet!  Usernames and passwords from prior to 2018 are no longer valid.  If you have not created a profile in the new system, you must click on the GREEN "Click Here to Register" button before you can attempt to log in!
    2. You are not using the email address that you used to create your account!  Please enter the corrrect email address!

4.  I am trying to register myself and 1 (or 2 or 3) other people at the same time but I can't find their names!  How can I register them?


  • Sounds silly, but make sure you have the correct spelling of their name!  Narrow your search down to the first 2 or 3 letters of the last name and any names that match will show up and you can select the correct one.
  • If you cannot find their names, it means that they have not created a profile in the Membership system yet.  Every player MUST have a profile before they can enter or be entered into an event!


5.  I successfully created a profile but now the system won't let me in to register for an event? Help!

  • Some browsers, Chrome in particular, have this handy "autofill" feature when storing passwords and personal information.  Unfortunately, sometimes when it autofills, it adds a space at the end of whatever it is filling in.  If you hit enter with that space included, the system thinks it is part of your username and password, which it isn't, and will therefore reject it!  Makes sure that before hitting enter, there are no spaces after your username or password!



If none of the above applies and you are still having trouble registering, then please click on the orange help button
located on the right hand side of the page.  Be sure to include the specific error message that you have received;
otherwise we have no way of trying to figure out what is happening!